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Repair 55GT30 or replace with 55GT50

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I'm in a dilemma and require some assistance making a decision wether to have my 55GT30 repaired due to a loud buzzing noise or have it replaced with the 55GT50.

The set has gone through the 100+ hrs panel prep via D-Nice.
Has yet to be professionally calibrated, but have been using custom setting from Jason Whiddon @ HDJ.
I currently own 4 sets of 3D glasses and I know that they don't work with the 2012 sets.

I'm very happy with the set right now, but need advice if it's worth it to replace it.

I have an appointment scheduled for the 13th for repair, so I need to contact Panasonic in order to have it cancelled and notify them for the exchange instead.

Please let me know what "you" would do if you were in my shoes.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! smile.gif
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I have a 55GT30 and if anything went wrong I would tell panasonic to give me the newer model.I would play dumb and say give me the VT50 and if they say huh! then say, I mean the GT50.smile.gif

But if your really happy with your set and and have confidence that it is something minor that can be repaired then go that route because you never know if you exchange it and the newer model haves even worse issues.....Its always a gamble.

Play your hand and get the GT50 and sell your 3D glasses on ebay or avs classifieds.Remember the GT50's dont have the color decoding errors like our GT30's and are deeper in blacks with an extra thx mode and dual processor.
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Thanks Peter for the response and helpful information.

I've contacted Panasonic and told them that I was interested in replacing my set with the current 2012 55GT50.
The first representative advised me that Panasonic will need to inspect my set and determine if it can be repaired. If not, then they will replace the set...this was said 3 times by the rep...she was adamant about it!
I tried to explain to her that the first thing "Bob" asked me if I would consider replacing the set instead of repairing it even before he continued to set up a repair service...this was my first contact with Panasonic via telephone.
She was rude and hung up!

I called back and connected with "Kimberly" and explained the situation to her and she gladly advised me that she will escalate this to Bob and have him contact me ASAP (1 to 2 business days).

I hope that a replacement will be issued...if not, then a repair will be done instead.
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It may be a minor repair. Some on th GT30 owners thread fixed the buzzing themselves by tightening screws on the back of th set..
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Received my 55GT50 today from Stereo Component Services...Panasonic shipped it to the repair service for the exchange.

Have not experienced any problems with the set, time will tell.
I started D-Nice's panel prep slides...4 hrs running. I've decided that I'm going to alternate watching full screen programs & run the slides, then self calibrate with DVE HD Basic Blu-ray disc.
Will consider pro calibration later down the road.

I'm currently using both THX Cinema settings for day/night mode...I've reduced the sharpness to "0" on both.

Has anyone tried CNET's THX Cinema settings or *******************'s Custom settings?
These are the only settings I'm able to find on the GT50.

The only disappointment with the GT50 is that it doesn't have wireless 11n(5GHz) anymore.

Overall I'm happy with the set...glad I had the chance to upgrade for free!
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