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LCD TV wont stay turned off

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To start with, I'm not sure if this is the right section of the forum to post this, if not forgive me.

I have a Dynex DX-LCD42HD-09 tv. Its been a decent tv for the fact that its a bargain generic model. Well a couple of weeks ago the power flickered for just a split second. It's been acting up ever since. It still works great while its turned on. The problem is it will not turn off. When I push the power button on the tv or remote it turns off and the green power LED turns red and the backlight powers down. After about 10-15 seconds the red LED turns back green and the display comes back on. I've tried the remote, the tv power button, and even using sleep mode to try and turn it off, all to no avail. The only thing that works is to unplug it and wait a minute then plug it back in. It'll stay off like that until I turn it back on, but then after that it acts up again and will not turn off. I dont know if its the power supply or the main board that is now broken. Has anyone else seen something like this? I've got some skills with electronics and have repaired a few LCD computer monitors by de-soldering and soldering in new power supply capacitors. I just am curious at what area to look at. I've also looked around online and there are a few companies that will sell new/refurbed power supplies and main boards for this tv. Any help or pointers would be appreciated.

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If your set is off, but plugged in there is a standby circuit that is always on.

It powers the LED on the front panel and is ready to respond to the main or remote 'turn on/off' button, which then tells the power supply to provide full power to all the circuits to operate the TV.

Could be the relay is mechanically stuck in the on position (that's the click you normally hear) or the control circuit signal is not properly functioning.
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Thanks. I know that there is still a standby circuit that is drawing some power. I've never heard a "click" when i turn this TV on and off. I don't believe it has a old-fashioned mechanical relay. It's probably a solid state transistor that handles that function.

Anybody else have any ideas? I want to buy the part to fix the tv, but dont know whether I should get a new main board or a new power supply. I'd prefer to only have to buy one and not both.
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