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Alternatives to 3DA-1?

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I have a Mitsubishi 65737 and finally decided to look into using it for 3D. I've found that the 3DA-1 is selling $400 and the starter kit for $430. So I'm just wondering if there are any other products I could get that would convert the 3D for me without the high price.
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Depends on what your 3D source is. If your source can provide 3D in Checkerboard format then you do not need an adapter which converts to Checkerboard.
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Sorry, I should've clarified. I'd want to use it for my Xbox 360 and PS3, I understand that they need a converter but I was wondering if maybe there are any third party ones so that it wouldn't be so expensive.
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The 3DA-1 lists for $99. Unfortunately, they are discontinued, so there is price gouging going on. Try ebay, or ask around in the rear projection forums. Some people may have upgraded to a newer TV and have the adaptor for sale.
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I believe you can also use the 3DC-1000 and it comes with 2 pairs of glasses. I've seen them on sale for $150 before but they usually are in the $200-$300 range and also check e-bay I seen a 3da-1 and bidding was at $30.
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