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For Sale: Sencore Video Test Gear

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$1,850 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Sencore Video Test Gear

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Sencore Video Calibration Equipment[/SIZE]

Portable Video Generator for testing and calibrating display inputs in all operating modes - includes ATSC-RF video clips and photo image test signals.
-All the signals and formats needed for testing, calibrating and servicing all display types
-ATSC RF output delivers fast and accurate calibration of integrated HD tuners
-DVI output for testing and calibrating video displays with DVI inputs
-Outputs include composite video, S-video, component video and computer monitor signals in selectable formats
-Innovative video test patterns for accurate testing and alignment, including Linearity, Pluge, Decoder Adjust, Overscan and Window (selectable IRE level)
-Moving ATSC-RF video clip test signals (1080i, 720p) include color balloons taking flight, and beautiful Hawaii nature scenes - plus stereo audio
-ATSC-RF still picture image test signals (480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i)
-Handheld, portable and battery-operated design for on-the-job testing or calibration ease

CP5000 ColorPro III & IV
Align ALL LCD, CRT, DLP and Plasma Video Displays to Match Industry Specifications and to Deliver Peak Performance with the CP5000 All-Display ColorPro Color Analysis System.
-Align color tracking on any video display to give you the confidence that the display is aligned to perform its best and to industry specifications
-Continuously updated readings let you calibrate video displays with flexibility not found with the ?single-shot? reading capabilities of a spectroradiometer
-The easy-to-use graphical interface greatly decreases calibration time with easy to follow measurement screens
-The CIE and RGB screens make calibration simple by illustrating exactly which colors need adjusting
-Portable operation makes it easy to align displays wherever displays are found
-The measurement specifications are similar to those found on lab-grade instruments and are NIST traceable
-Patented light-pipe system provides a narrow light acceptance angle for accurate measurement of LCD displays
-Custom software lets you store calibration information and print it out in an easy to interpret report
-Software DLL package lets you integrate the CP5000 All-Display ColorPro into your specific color analyzer application
-Attractive, durable carrying case protects your CP5000 between calibration jobs
-The CP5000 is available in either USB or standard serial version

The OTC1000 is an optical non-contact color analyzer for highly accurate and convenient measurement and calibration of all display systems, including front projectors, rear projection, LCD, plasma, and CRT displays. The included Ambi-Blockâ„¢ technology allows accurate display system measurement and calibration even under less than ideal measurement conditions.
-OTC1000 measurements closely match human eye response, using highly accurate tri-stimulus filtered sensors capable of measuring to extreme low light conditions.
-It is fast! Takes continuous constant-rate (less than 1 second) measurement updates at light levels down to 0.01 foot-Lamberts.
-It is non-contact - using a laser aiming tool for proper screen alignment. Setup is quick and straight-forward, and the user interface is very easy to use.

Includes hard travel case and all cables.

Free Shipping in US.
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I am interested in the VP403c if it is still available.
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