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Physx Supported Nvidia card in pcie x1 slot?

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I have a m2n68-am se2 motherboard with a 6950 installed in the pcie 1.0 (X8 ?) slot. I have a pcie x1 slot free as well as a basic pci slot free. Is it possible to install an nvidia card in the pcie x1 slot to use for physx? I'm open to modding if neccessary.
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Not really. Only a very old modded driver set allows you to use PhysX with an ATI card and even then, you're not missing much. Only a handful of games use it anyways. Why bother?
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Is it possible? Why not bother physx capable cards can be had for 20$ Mirror's edge does a good job with physx so does batman and metro. I know where to get the driver's i'm just wondering if i can stick an 8800 gt in a pcie x1 slot.
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The best x1 pcie Nvidia card you can get would be a GeForce GT520 and it could probably provide adequate physx acceleration but whether or not it would actually work in your attempted setup, I cannot say. As for using an 8800GT, that won't work as it's not compatible with the slot.
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I didnt realize they had any pcie x1 cards out right now I thought they were just backwards compatible. How do you tell?, do you just look at the card in pictures and gauge what slot it fits in?
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Just look at a diagram of PCIe slots and it will show you which slots are what and the card specs will tell you what the card is and what it requires. PCIe graphics cards rarely come in x1 because of the bandwidth limitations of that type of slot so you won't find them on shelves for the most part as x1 slots are intended for add-in cards though x1 cards are pretty rare all the same since x4 is the industry standard for stuff like USB controllers and eSATA cards. x8/x16 are what almost every graphics card uses though you can occasionally find an x4 card.
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I did a little googling and it looks like that is one of the only cards that is pcie x1. The only other recent cards I've found are sparkle brand gt 210/220/240
Do you know of any older cards from the 8000 or 9000 series that are pcie x1? I found a neat trick where you can use an extension cable on the pcie slot and then modify the slot to be open ended, I might give that a shot as well.
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The problem is not the card...it is the slot.
All graphics cards will work fine in an x1 slot (if you overcome the obvious physical problems). But mony motherboards have logical limitations on x1 slots which prevent video cards from working in them.

I used a video card for PhysX processing in the x4 slot on my Asus Maximus IV Extreme without any issues smile.gif

Unfortunately, motherboard manufacturer's don't list whether or not their slots are compatible....you'll just have to try it out and see wink.gif
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Sounds like fun biggrin.gif I'll have to see if I can find a decent 8000 series pcie x1 card, they are likely selling for 10-20$
I'm on a m2n68-am se2 by the way.
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