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Just ordered new Palliser Bullet seats from TheaterSeatStore

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I ordered 4 curved powered Palliser Bullet seats from the theaterSeatStore on Saturday. I will let everybody know how the experience was and how I like the seats when they come in.

They seem really nice with power, lighted cup holders, lighted base rail and table trays. They are made by Palliser exclusively for the TheaterSeatStore. They are identical to the Blade series but include all the goodies I've mentioned above. There is a good YouTube video where a guy shows them off in his basement.

As of now, they are not expected in until the 1st or 2nd week of August.

*UPDATE* 7/11/12 - Just received a call from customer service who went over my order with me and informed me that they will be updating me each week as to the status of my order. She said they are hoping for the chairs to arrive earlier than the estimated delivery date on my invoice and will keep me posted.

So far, excellent customer service / communication.

*UPDATE* 7/17/12 - Received an email with tracking number and shipping company information. Tracking shows Monday the 23rd as estimated delivery. So far so good!

*UPDATE* 7/28/12 - Chairs were delivered today! Bottom line is I love the chairs and the TheaterSeatStore gets 5 out of 5 stars!

Now, to offer an honest review, there was a delivery problem. The delivery company left one of the chairs behind and did not deliver on the first scheduled date. Although this was not the fault of the TheaterSeatStore, it was the fault of the company that they contract with. The TheaterSeatStore worked with the delivery company to get the missing chair reunited with the other three and have all four chairs delivered at once.

The TheaterSeatStore has great hours, a great website and offers a great selection of products. A representative by the name of Shara was who I worked with and she really is an asset to this company! If I owned a company, I would want Shara to be the person representing it to the public.

Although everybody's experience can vary for different reasons, based on my experience, I highly recommend purchasing through this store. The Palliser Bullet powered chairs are just awesome!

During my research, I was wondering if tray tables was just a gimmicky thing I could do without, however, as I sit here with my laptop on the tray table, not cooking my lap, I would not order chairs without them!

Now, back to my movie!
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I have a set of four. I love them. I did have to put three layers of window tint over the lighted base rails as they are way to bright and no way to reduce them. So I tinted them and put them on a lutron dimmer that I can control with my remote.

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Take some pics when you get them! I am shopping for theater chairs now, so I would love to see how it looks. TIA.
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Couple pictures...

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Review complete!
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Glad you like chairs. They look great. I'm interested in them too.

Can you tell me if the are true wall-away recliners that allow you to place them 2 to 3 inches away from a wall vs more than 6 inches away?

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How much was the delivery for the chairs?
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I have 3 Palliser Bullets, and while I love them, it's prone to tipping over all the time when it's reclined (sitting up while it's reclined, or anything related to getting up will cause the chair to tip over). Anyone have any tips on how to securely fasten them down to prevent this from happening?

I live in a rented apartment with carpet. I've been trying to think of how I could bolt them to the floor in some way. Any suggestions? Thanks y'all
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