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Panasonic ST50 "dirty screen effect?"

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Hey guys.

I just recently got a beautiful panasonic st50 50 inch plasma (a kinda reward from my parents for loosing over 100 pounds, i used to way 506 but now I'm 390 and thats a whole other issue) and i adore it. How ever, since i medically have OCD i triple check everything, and I'm still breaking in the set using test slides in between watching movies, and i noticed this on some solid colors...and of course my OCD goes into panic mode, and i wig out.

Is this the dreaded DIRTY SCREEN EFFECT? you really don't notice it unless you really look for it, even in pans during the sky and will this go away over time or not? I read through a bunch of threads and frankly it became information overload and i couldn't tell up from down.

I also am a bit confused on dirty screen effect. Some say it goes away, some say it doesn't. My plasma still has less then 100 hours or so on it, and if it goes away no problem, if not ill just have to learn to live with it. Its just, the other night i was watching space balls on blu ray, and i noticed on the blu ray disc, theres a very similar effect on the print of the film during the scenes where there in the desert, and thats what got me noticing it in the first place. Since i have both my LCD tv and Plasma right next to one another, i threw on the blu ray on the lcd and noticed its in the print itself and it lines up with whats on the screen.

Could this just be stubborn Image retention or the DSE? If its DSE, why would it effect only the right side of the screen? also how could it almost line up perfectly with the damage in the space balls print? I watched a few hours more tv on it and again it only really is noticeable in solid color test slides and wouldn't it have gone away by now?

Im just really confused.

I can post more images later on if you like. And believe it or not the ones taken by the camera make it out to be worse then it really is...

Just wondering will this go away or will i just have to live with it cause i fear exchanging it and getting a worse one, since i seam to gather most plasmas have this to some effect...


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I noticed the exact same thing...even same with the subtitles. I see the "dirty screen" and sometimes there is some memory to the black background before the cable turns on. Let me know if you found anything out. I have a p55gt50.
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