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Any opinions on VuTec fixed frame screens...?

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NEVERMIND... Ordered and will give it a shot. wink.gif

Not much info out there on the VuTec fixed frame screens (like the Elegante), wondering if anyone here has any personal experience with them and the Velcro fastening/tensioning system that they use.

I have heard their MW material is good, no hot spotting / excellent color performance, but I am a curious about the velcro system and if the larger frames (133") bow in the middle after tensioning the screen.

About to order new screen so any/all relative input is appreciated.

This is the specific model that I am considering... Vutec - Elegante 01-ELF65116 Fixed Frame 133" (65" x 116") projection screen.

Almost ordered the 2.35:1 125" Elite EZ frame until reading about recent problems with the material (stain like spots on the screen while viewing).

Thank You,
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Additional note that could of benefit to future VuTec searches...

If you see the VuTec Elegante model listed as having their Bright White screen material it is a mistake as this model screen has never been offered (other than custom) with that material. The VuEasy model is offered in Bright White.

Many online vendors seem to be advertising the Elegante as having Bright White (1.5 gain) material, it is Matte White (1.0 gain).

** Screen now installed and seems well built. It does require 3 brackets at the top and one at the bottom with this size to prevent bowing (in the middle) once the material is stretched onto the frame.

The Velcro system is a pain initially but it does allow any possible wrinkles/waves to be eliminated and can always be re-tensioned/adjusted unlike the rail system frames (should the material sag over time).

Make sure to test the mounting of the frame to the wall before installing the screen material, once the top brackets are in place you will want to hang the bare frame on the wall and see where your bottom bracket will need to be in order to prevent bowing.

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