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Amazing Spiderman

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Has anybody played this on yet? I picked it up yesterday after reading a lot of good reviews and it's very fun.

I haven't played a Spiderman game in a LOOOONNGG time, and just wanted to play one again. It's crazy full of funny little references and comments. There are 'tweets" that go on in-game that are just hilarious. Once, Spiderman was talking to Dr. Conner about a bunch of new cross-species monsters, and said "No, there's no "Bat-man"!" and I LOL'd. Lots of silly stuff like that.

The web-slinging through Manhattan is nothing short of exhilarating. Combat is button-mashing at it's best, and the graphics are drop-dead gorgeous. there's a slight RPG touch to it, with choices about where to allocate skill points as you level up (webbing, power, moves, etc.). Lots of collectibles and uniforms and stuff, too. It's a blast, really looking forward to playing this one all the way through.
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Sounds interesting. I've only played the Batman games this gen for my superhero fix (aside from inFamous). Is this title in an open world format or are the missions pretty straight forward?
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very open world, you can have multiple quests going on at any given time and swing anywhere in the city at any time. I've been on my way to do a main-story mission and heard a call for help and help a civilian on several occasions. I jus tgot the use of the camera so we'll see where that goes.

The reviews i've seen say there are similarities between the combat here and the combat in the Batman games (web slinging excepted, of course)

I never played any of the Batman games, so I couldn't comment on that.
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It looks like fun, I'll get it sub $30. Playing too much Lego Batman 2 which is a very good open world super hero game. Also check out DC Universe Online for open world super hero fun. Free and pretty easy to learn for a MMO.
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