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Blue Cast

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Here is a screenshot of something I see every now and then on my TV. Does anyone know if the blue on her hair/face/arms/hands is something going on with my TV or is this in the broadcast?

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I have (seldom) seen similar on my TV. It was during a show that I was recording on the DVR, so later I played back the recording on a different TV to check. Sure enough.. it showed up on the other TV also. So I didn't worry about it any more . . . smile.gif
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Check your cables...one may be lose or poorly conected....
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In my case, I first noticed this phenomenon while watching CSI live OTA via TiVo, connected to my Mits RPTV via component cables. The next day I played back that particular segment of the show though another of my TiVo's (over my network) connected to a 46" LCD in the bedroom via HDMI. Both TV's displayed the same blue cast in the same manner. I don't believe my cables were at fault. YMMV.
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