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Outdoor Setup -- Need AVR suggestions

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Hello --

Good evening. I am in need of some assistance, please feel free to offer up some suggestions. I am in need of a receiver to power my outdoor / patio speakers.

1) Patio:
Speakers are installed and ready. 1 pair of Klipsch in ceiling speakers.
2) Outdoor
Wires are already laid throughout the landscaping, picking up 1 AWR-650 and 1 planter that has a speaker inside. I think, I need to find the wires, I have 2 additional sets of wires hidden in the landscaping which would allow for 4 total outdoor speakers. Previous homeowner had the place wired.

Patio and Outdoor have separate volume controls. This AVR (Audio controller?) will be behind my LCD TV in the living room in the standard pre-built TV hole (Looks to be made for the CRT days) in the wall above the fireplace. The reason I mention this is because I do not want a large AVR back there.

1) Juice to power the speakers
Not too worried about this though.
2) Internet Streaming (Pandora, etc)
This is probably just as equal as #1
3) My needs are PURELY from an Audio standpoint. Not quality of Audio per say, but there is NO video needs at all here.

I've come across the Onkyo TX-8050 - https://www.shoponkyo.com/detail.cfm?productid=TX-8050&modelid=9&group_id=1&detail=1&ext_war=1 and it appears to be the ticket, but I was looking for something a bit cheaper. Used is fine!
Anything out there that has streaming capabilities on the cheap?


Thank you
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Maybe I'm confusing myself more here, but to properly run both the Patio AND outdoor speakers -- will I need an AVR with Zone 1 and 2? I will not be running separate 'audio tunes' to each set per say.
I don't think separate zones will be needed, but **** I'm getting confused looking at all of these cheaper receivers and connections. mad.gif
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And yet another --- Maybe going the SONOS route is best?
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Any thoughts ya'll? Or did I basically answer my own questions with the above receiver or SONOS?
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Ended up with 2 AWR-650 SW's and 2 planter speakers. Placing the order today / tomorrow for the Onkyo 8050. Should suffice and work just fine. Planters look great w/the flowers - hopeful they sound good and after reading review after review, I'm not worries about the Klipsch.

Thanks for reading!
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Sonos is a solid choice. Have one in my house, and have it set up for bedrooms etc, and on the front and back porch. Love it. Iphone interface is great as well.
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Thanks. Sonos does appear to be very solid, but in my situation I would have needed two amps and right now that type of spend doesn't sit well within the Budget. Hooked up the 8050 last night, flawless hook up... but having an issue getting online, think it's on my end and not the 8050.
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Awesome man. Post some pics of the set up.
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Will do. Got the internet dialed in. It was completely on my end and once the problem, basically wiring a connection in my GE smartpanel, was fixed the 8050 hooked into the NET flawlessly. Pandora, Spoitfy, etc streaming is perfect. I also changed the network settings so I'm able to 'awake' the unit from the network via my iPhone.
Very cool. I'll toss up so pics of the speakers. Man, those Klipsch rock speakers really jam.

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Pics of the rock speakers and planter speakers. And porch speakers. The 8050 is running the sets, sounds great.





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A few additional pictures of the Patio per request.

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