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I just purchased my first home and would like to add a few automation on a budget.
The plan is to be able to control my alarm, ip cameras, thermostat and a few basic dimmers from anywhere.

Currently the home has a ADT system installed without contract. I would like the alarm system to be local only (no contract or 3rd party)
What alarm unit should I purchase to arm & disarm the local system from my phone or ipad? I would like push notifications when a door opens or the alarm trips exc if possible without any 3rd party contract.
In a nut shell I would like to be at work, get a push notification that the alarm has gone off, check my ip cameras for an intruder and call the police all why being away.

IP cameras:
I'm probably going with Foscam FI8910W Ip cameras & will control them via Foscam app on ipad & iphone

Going with the Venstar T5800 Color Thermostat w/ wifi card. also controlled via ipad & iphone

Zwave controler:
Looking at getting the Aeon Labs Z-Stick Series 2 USB Dongle as a z-wave controller, then using any z-wave app on the ipad to control a few dimmers and outlets.

A few questions:

Is there an App that can control a majority of this system?
Is there a Zwave power strip with individual controllable outlets?
is there a way to control zwave and A/V components with a remote like a Harmony (I know harmony doesn't support zwave other then the 890)
Most importantly will this basic system work?