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Heard about this game, Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operations, from this article:

It's free from the Japanese PSN store, with a catch. Can only deploy 3 times, and your deployment points regenerate every 2 hours. You also get some stored deployment points every you time you level, until you get to rank 2 (I think). You rank up every 10 levels. You could buy more points from the Japanese PSN store. You can also unlock additional stuff for your mobile suit.

I just downloaded this game on Sunday and started playing yesterday. It's not that bad. Pretty slow moving mobile suits, and trying to melee with a Beam Axe or Beam Saber can get some getting used to. You can also spawn/exit your mobile suit. When doing so, you become invisible to radar and hard to target. Obviously, you can't do much damage to mobile suits as a human, but you can repair other mobile suits. Or jack one from another player when they exit theirs.

I was having fun with it.