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G90 parts

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I am a previous CRT g90 owner and have gone to the grey side but while cleaning out the basement today I ran across a couple of parts for the g90

a new output amp CAB board
and a new DC board
and lastly the BNC input card that plugs into the back - (taken out for MOOME card)

75 dollars plus shipping gets the lot

email sph007@embarqmail.com
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I realize this post is half a year old but do you still have any of this? I'm new to projectors and am trying to fix a really odd quirk mine has.
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sorry, parts are gone. I had a lot of time with the g90 and worked out a lot of problems trying to learn how to master it. What kind of problems are you having?
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The projector doesn't seem to like 480p resolution. Anything on that resolution gets a wrapping effect on the top of the screen. On any resolution any bright flashes cause the picture to flicker as well. Almost as if I am turning the projector off and on real fast but it doesnt make the sound like it is powering down and the fans keep spinning. I thought maybe the VIM card?

Any help is much appreciated. Once i fix the flicker i can worry about new tubes.
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Oh I forgot. All video sources are component and run through an integra receiver. I did try another model receiver and skipping the receiver altogether and the problem persisted.
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