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running a pa subwoofer off an avr

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Hi I am completing my computer system and was looking to go a bit further in the sub range than just a 10" HT woofer.

I was looking at purchasing either a BEHRINGER B1800D-PRO or B1500D or an M-Audio GSR 18. All of these are active setups

I am currently running from my computer to a maverick audio tube magic D1 then to a pioneer vsx -521 avr and I have wharfedale diamond 9 series bookshleves and centre.

My problem that I am coming across is that the avr only has a single rca out (lfe i believe) for the sub frequencies.

A bit of research indicates that in order to go this route i may need to go from the unbalanced signal (single rca) through an xlr adapter to the sub.

Is this possible? At this stage all i have been able to find through research is that the unbalanced end may be exposed to external noise.

How bad is this likely to be given that its only running a maximum of 5 feet from the avr to the ground?

I realise that it is way over the top but......

Any replies would be greatly appreciated.
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Those subs are definitely loud, and large, but they wont really have any response below 50hz.. From the sound of things you're running a HT with regular HT speakers, so... You really should be looking at subs suited for the task. Based on the $600 price of the Behringer, you definitely have subs capable of very good output, and response down to at least 25hz available.




Unless your goal is actually to have a concert or club in your room, and not a HT, you will get better performance from subs like above. Sorry if that doesnt help.
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Thank you,

they all look like great options.

Only catch is they all ship to North America and nowhere else.

Getting good gear in Australia is an expensive exercise!

I did have a look at some of the kits on parts express with the postage being as expensive as the units themselves, that said they still do seem to better value than alot of other ht gear available here

Cheers for your help.
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That definitely hurts the value of everything... Even so, something like this PE kit costing $600 with shipping is likely going to be better then what you have locally for the same, including those PA subs.


SVS also has an Aus distributor, but prices arent listed

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