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sub issues

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Hi folks. I have no idea about audio systems! All Im good at is wiring things up. So heres what I have in my mitsubishi: http://reviews.cnet.com/car-amplifiers/mtx-road-thunder-rt404/1707-6726_7-30999426.html
I'm not sure of the sub details as someone gave them to me, but they are 2 10"alpine subs in a custom box, smallish box no port.
The problem is it sounds crap. The amp gain switch and sub control on the headunit have to be at max for there to be any bass. It's all wired up properly. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
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Not sure which Mitsu vehicle you have but we can give this a shot. I figure it's one of two things. well three things.

One woofer wired out of phase

Crossover settings on high pass instead of low pass

And this is low as I am unsure of vehicle and listening material

You are expecting to much from a 37.5 watt per channel X4, 150 max X2 bridged amplifier powering a couple of 10" subs in a small sealed box. AND those power ratings are at 14.4volts. I have 3 cars and none hit 14 volts from the alternator.

Use a 9 volt battery and verify at the amp the positive/negative speaker wires and verify the subs polarity. If one sub moves out and the other sub moves in VIOLA! I have seen subs labeled incorrectly. I have seen subs wired correctly inside the box but not outside.
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