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The Official Samsung Mid 2012 UNXXES7550F Thread

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OK --

So I called this thread "Official" , but is it really ?

Here is a link to Samsung s latest foray into the LCD-LED-3D market.


Is it yet another TV that a will fail to live to expectations or is this going to be a true fix for the problems that some are having with the 8000 series ?

I say problems some are having , because some folks are very happy with there 8000 series. I you are then great ! , but if you are like me and have been on a mission to find a decent ( and working properly ) TV , then maybe just maybe the 7550 series will be the answer , of course only time well tell.

I still feel that the main problems that all TV`s are having this year is over processing and lack of quality control.

With half the year already past , maybe Samsung is trying a "quick fix " before 2013 CES.

In any event , my search and quest continues , will it end with a 46" ES7550 ?

Don`t know have to wait , but given the track record of 3D LED TV`s over the past couple of years , I am not holding too much faith for any TV in 2012 , but like I said , time will tell.

First it has to be released !!

Later , smile.gif

G. 
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What is the difference between this and the 7500?

Looking at the specs, Probably, this one is 7500 + wireless keyboard?? or is this better in another way.
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Yes it does seem very close to the 7500 series .

My guess is that they [ Samsung ] have done / made some improvements to this series that the 8000 and the 7000 were lacking.

No real knowledge , just a guess !!

Later biggrin.gif

Me 
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it's not going to be an improved model. models that end in "50" in Samsung's lineup are generally warehouse store variants (read: Costco, Sam's Club) of their regular model lineup to stop price matching or include bundled products. This is just an ES7500 bundled with the new Smart TV keyboard.
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OK , thanks for the info.

So IF I wanted a Samsung 3D / LED - TV , then getting an 8000 series bundled with a sound bar and buying the optional KB from Samsung would be a better deal then.


and this ,


It seems like a fair deal , except I keep reading about the issues with the panel and the associated back light bleed. I was hoping not to go through that as I recently returned an LG 8600.

Not for back light issues but for loss of white balance after the set was on > 3 hours.

I know that IF the Samsung`s don`t have a heat issues ( I haven`t heard of any ) , then buying one is like any other set out there when it comes to back light issues.

Sometimes you get a good one and sometimes you don`t.

It really is to bad that there is not enough quality control on TV`s these days. mad.gif

O__well rolleyes.gif

Take care smile.gif

G. 
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Any news on this one?

I'm about to buy UN46ES7500 but just saw this one and now a little confused.

Is it out yet?

Is it the same as UN46ES7500 but with keyboard?

I never saw them in Costco.



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