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Pioneer VSX-1022--K does not transmit video to HDMI-attached TV

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I just got this receiver for its upconversion features of analog to HDMI and bought it so that I only need one HDMI cable from it to the new wall-mounted Samsung HDTV; however, I cannot get any video down to the TV at all. I've swapped HDMI cables and also tried a smaller HDTV adjacent to the receiver and get same result... "no signal" from the receiver on either TV. The HDMI light is supposed to go on when I attach the HDMI out to the TV, but it does not... it just flashes "digital" in the receiver display.

I want to get the Pioneer on-screen menus to display on the TV, but no luck getting any "signal" to the TV, so I am stuck at just about square-one with this thing.

Does anyone have ideas on how to troubleshoot this further? Is Pioneer customer support useful or should I bite the bullet and spend 600.00 on a Yamaha RV-V673 ?
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You need to reset, and that instruction can be found in the manual. If your issue is similar to mine and many others, your HDMI board is the problem. With mine, the resets only temporarily solved the problem until it happened again and again. From what I was told, the HDMI board cannot adequately handle what is being fed into it. You can take your receiver to a Pioneer authorized dealer. If it is under warranty, be prepared to wait for the part to be available. I went through this same issue for 3 months before Pioneer just replaced my 1121 with a new 1222. If your receiver isn't under warranty, the HDMI replacement part costs around $315 and that is without the labor costs.
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Just bought VSX-1022-K. Great deal from newegg smile.gif

Connected cable set top box and PS3 via HDMI and HDMI out to Panny Plasma. When I switch to the right input, I could see cable channels and PS3. But, OSD does not work.

When I press "Home Menu" button on remote, I see "Home Menu" with about 9 options. I could navigate thru menus and make changes. All this works when I am on an unused input (like DVD) on receiver. When I switch to "Network" inputs like Netradio, Pandora, M.Server, nothing appears on screen. I don't have a way to select anything. If I am on M.server input, the font display shows "PLS WAIT" and stays there for ever. But, no menus (OSD) appear on TV. I have a media server on network and would like to play music from there.

I plugged-in network cable in the ethernet port. I know, it got an IP by looking at my router's DHCP table. Also, I could stream music from iPhone via Airplay. This confirms I am on network. But, I don't see any OSD.

Only OSD I could see is "Home Menu". I tried Video Converter ON/OFF (under Video Parameter), HDMI Control ON/OFF (under HDMI Setup) but it did not help. I also, used other HDMI ports on TV, but no good.

Do I have a bad HDMI board? Is there a way to reset or fix this? Any ideas, please share.

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Need to reset what? Could you describe what I am to attempt to reset or point me specifically in the manual where it describes the reset?

I suspect that the unit I have was already activated, returned and then re-sold as new. I can't get the internet radio code from the unit but it does stream internet radio (that I can only select via the iOS ControlAV app). I am not getting any HDMI output to the tv (5+ year old Olevia that works just fine with my Yamaha XV467).
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Seems like the digital main boards in these Pioneer 1020 and 1120 models are frying like popcorn. As did mine.
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Had a similiar problem with a VSK-1022 Pioneer A/V Receiver. It was my operator head space because I was setting up the A/V Receiver a night and couldn't read the buttons. During daylight I doubled checked the HDMI cable connection to ensure it was connected to the HDMI ARC input into the TV. The TV still showed no input signal. The error was I didn't push the Home Menu button on the remote. Instructions clearly say select the Receiver button and then the Home Menu button to access the setup menu. There was a slight delay but the menu came up on the TV and I was able to run the speaker setup and access other setup menus. My bad! No problem with the HDMI board on the pioneer, everything worked fine.

Samsung technical support on the TV was worthless. They just kept saying the TV didn't support HDMI connection for A/V Receivers and that I needed an optical cable which wouldn't have solved accessing the receiver's menu problem. Bottomline, is I didn't follow the directions clearly to get to the menu!
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