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Pioneer sc37 problem

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Iam a total noob so trying to explain this is going to be difficult hopefully someone can understand my problem and provide input.

I have a pioneer sc 37 connected to a rotel amp which has been powering 2 polk audio speakers (front left, front right) It has been working fine for the past year. Today when i turned on the receiver my Front left speaker was providing no sound. At first i thought it was the rotel amp so i switched amps (i have 3) but still no luck. Then i figured it was the speaker it self so i switched the cables around(made the right speaker the left speaker) and received sound out of the left speaker. I even went as far as switching cables to make sure it wasnt the cable. So now i know its not the AMP SPEAKER or CABLE. I think its the FRONT LEFT PRE-OUT on the rear of the sc-37 is there a way to test this for sure?
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I think you just determined the left pre out is defective by switching cables, amp, and speakers.

Have you tried doing a processor reset?

Is there a balance control on that receiver? If so make sure it isn't turned all the way to the right. Should be in the center.
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yes i tried a factory reset and the balance is in the middle :[

thats what i figured i just wanted to be 100% sure before i called them thank you
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I have a problem as well on my SC-37, but determined it to be the Front Left INPUT.
Link to my post.... http://www.avsforum.com/t/1258429/official-pioneer-elite-sc-37/4230#post_22556236
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A friend had a similar problem with the SC 35, he unplugged everythiing and decided to test it one more time before taking it to the shop. The next day it worked! I don't have an explanation since he swithed amps, cable and swapped speaker inputs the day before.
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