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Problem with 8350 & BDV-e580 receiver

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Hey guys, new here so I hope Im posting in the right section!! If not, I apologize in advance.

I've recently set up my home theater with the Epson 8350 and the Sony BDV-e580 Blu-ray system. Everything was working perfectly until last night. In the middle of a movie, the screen flickered a bit and the movie went out, and the projector started showing the "HDMI1 Not supported" message with the H and V values.

This was somewhat surprising since it has been working great for the last 2 weeks, and just happened in the middle of a movie. When I plug in my cable DVR box directly into the projector, it works just fine. When I plug in my old dvd receiver, it works fine as well, just not the new e580 blu ray one. BUT when I take the blu ray player and plug it into a normal TV via HDMI, it works just fine. I've reset all the settings on the blu ray player and the Epson and nothing. I've tried about 4 different HDMI cables (all 6'), and bought one that is 3', but still nothing. Sometimes I just see a No Signal, sometimes the "not supported" message.

I know the error message is common when using long hdmi cables, but all of mine are 6'. Any ideas? Is it the projector or the receiver??

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Does your Sony BDV-e580 have the latest firmware installed? There was a firmware update on 3/6/12.

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It is the current firmware.. the M07.R.0615.
I was hoping it wouldnt be and that would fix it but its the updated version :/
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Originally Posted by Igrm90 View Post

Sometimes I just see a No Signal, sometimes the "not supported" message.

It's obvious that the two units are not talking to one another - corruption of the EDID - how this happens is a mystery. This is a common complaint with computers and video cards. Try this, unplug the 8350 and the BDV-e580 and leave them unplugged for several hours. Plug them back in and try to display something from the Sony. This may reestablish the EDID handshake. Worth a try.
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I did unplug it many times by now.. almost unplugged and out the window too smile.gif
The first night when it happened, I tinkered with it a good bit and then when I gave up, I unplugged the projector and the player for the night hoping that it would magically work in the morning. The issue did happen during a heavy thunderstorm.. there weren't any power outages, but could that have done something?
Also, if I get a new system of the same model, it should work like normal right? Is the EDID problem thats going on now specific to this unit that I have? As in, the projector won't have an issue with another unit of the same model..?

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Is the BDV-e580 easily exchangeable? If it is that is the route I would take. If the new unit doesn't work with the 8350 then it's a head scratcher.

Can you borrow a Blu-ray player to test with the 8350?
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The closest I could probably get to borrowing is just buying one at walmart to test it with and returning it! My old receiver (not bluray) does work through HDMI though, but it may be a different case since it isn't bluray.
I will probably just run to walmart today and get one to test it with, then buy a new unit of the same one I have. The current system is easily exchangeable.. All of the speaker wiring and such stays, just need to swap units hopefully!
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Actually what I was asking - can you take the BDV-e580 back to wherever you bought it to exchange it for another - like with Costco or Walmart?

I was also thinking that since the 8350 works fine with the DVD player perhaps it's a problem with the resolution that the Sony is putting out. As a test change the resolution on the Sony to output 480p only and see if it connects. Just a thought.
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Ah gotcha! Yeah I've had it for a while so I don't really have any means of returning it.
I will try to change it to a lower resolution tonight when I get home.. I did play with that part but only to change it from auto to 1080p, not a lower resolution. I'll keep you posted on those results. But what IF that does something?? No more 1080p?! eek.gif
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Let's hope not. The BDV-e580 (HTiB) is essentially an AVR with built-in Blu-ray/DVD player. Many of the EDID problems listed here on the AVS Forum occur between AVR's and projectors/HDTV's.

The suggestion of changing the resolution to 480p was just the process of elimination. If 480p worked I would work my way up to 720p then 1080i. If none of these produce a picture then the resolution is not the problem. Because the BDV-e580 is an integrated product it's harder to tell where the problem lies.

How long were the 8350 and Sony working together before the failure? Try to get a hold of stand-alone Blu-ray player to test with the 8350 which I'm guessing is fine.
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They were working together for about 2 weeks, until just randomly it cut out during a movie the other night.
I got a new Sony blu-ray player tonight and tried it out... works perfect. Kept the setup and everything the same, just plugged in the hdmi cable into the new unit instead of the old.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get a whole new bdv-e580 system and hopefully it works just fine!! Im gonna be on edge while watching movies now, thinking its going to do the same thing as the old unit! Whats still super weird though is that the old unit works fine when plugged into any tv.. just not the projector.
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That's a nice feature of your Sony that it will take an HDMI input from an external device like your new Blu-ray player. Since it is working this way I doubt there is a problem with the AVR portion handshaking with the 8350 but pointing to the integrated player. One question - were you playing a DVD or Blu-ray disc when the unit stopped functioning with the 8350 and when you were testing it with the HDTV were you using the same disc? The reason I ask is because a Blu-ray player has separate blue and red lasers built in - so one or the other may have stopped functioning without your realizing it. Just a thought.
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Oh no I plugged the new blu ray player directly into the projector. I still can't get any kind of response on screen no matter how I try to put video out of the old blu ray system..
I was playing a blu ray when the issue happened, and have kept a blu ray in there most of the time except once with a regular dvd but no difference. Putting a movie in really doesn't even affect it at this point since it refuses to let out any kind of image.. I hear it setting up the dvd, but no change on-screen. When the issue initially happened, the picture went out but the sound was still there, and I could even hear the cable TV sound when I switched to it (it was plugged into the HDMI input on the receiver), but no picture.
The way I pictured it since I don't know much about the inside of the system, is kind of like the inside of a computer.. I thought maybe there is a card that runs that hdmi out port just like in a desktop computer there are cards that run the ethernet port/usb port, etc.. I was thinking that was probably where the problem was.. is that where the EDID might be?
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Okay, I misunderstood. The new Blu-ray player works fine plugged directly into the 8350...but the BDV-e580 still does not work with the 8350. Sound but no picture.

There is an HTiB Forum here at AVS but unfortunately there is no expert on this particular unit to refer you to. You are right HDMI connectors are usually located on a card inside each device. Sometimes they go bad for a variety of reasons and need to be replaced. Sometimes it's the EDID that's causing the problem. And sometimes it's just something as mundane as a bad capacitor or diode or some other hardware. At this point it seems only Sony support can figure out what's wrong and I would guess they would want it sent in for repair. Keep me posted if you figure it out or when you get your new system.
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