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Need Advice on Finishing A/V System

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It is time to finish my system completely. Below is the list of equipment I currently have. The main problem I have is my equipment is downstairs in the theater room but we are usually upstairs, or outside, or downstairs in a different room when we want to use the whole house audio to listen to a CD or the radio. Hence the problem: we have no clue what radio station we listenign to, nor what CD we are listening to, nor when we change stations or CDs we have no idea which way we are going on the radio ro which CD in the jukebox we just passed. There is no 7" screen, or whatever size, we can read to tell us. We are "blind".

So, we want to cure that issue.

And, the 2nd issue is I have become addicted to Pandora radio at work and would like it in my house but how? Roku? A Blueray player? A home theater PC?

Finally, we need to finish the system because we want to sell this house and focus on retirement that we are eligible for in about 6 - 8 years, and also to enjoy our daughter more vs. working on this house ALL the time to get it completely finished. What was that saying...""the cobbler has no shoes.." ? So, how can I get Pandora and how can I see what we are listenign to fo rthe least amount of money, AND use the existing structrured Cat 5e wiring that is iin every single room of the house.

It has been suggested I go with a SOnos system but that is all wireless and I would nto be usng my existing Cat 5e wiring so I really don;t want to go that way. I want to use what I have installed already.

Oh, I drop-kicked DirecTV out of our life 6 weeks back due to their treatment of exisitng customers vs. new customers, and their having taken back what they told me this past January. "We never said that" "It is not in your records" etc. So,, where below it says I have DirecTV it does not. I left it there because the capability exists to put it back.

So, what equipment do I need to buy? An iPad? An iPhone? Sonos? Something else like Crestron?

Thanks for the thoughts.

Here is my current equipment list:
Living Room:
ASUS desktop PC, desktop keyboard, mouse and Logitech Audiohub speakers

Polaroid 32" HD-LCD TV/DVD Combo, model #FXM-3211C
Sony Receiver, model #STR-K840P
DirecTV HD receiver, base model, model # not readable
two front in-wall speakers
4 in-ceiling rear speakers

Theater Room
16' wide x 23' long
16' wide x 9' deep platform in rear
1 JC Penney recliner couch on platform
1 JC Pennet recliner on platform
1 JC penney recliner in front of platform on lower section of room
1 JC Penney sofa sleeper in front of platform on lower section of room
Poured concrete ceiling, American Polysteel foam ceiling panels, covered in sheetrock, painted flat black
Poured concrete walls, American Polysteel foam block walls,, covered in sheetrock, painted flat red
Carpeted floor
Solid wood exterior entry door
No windows
10 upward pointing wall sconces for lights
16' wide x 25" deep x 32" high MDF cabinet, in 3 sections. under projector screen
108" fixed wall mount projector screen
4 front in-cabinet speakers
4 side in-wall speakers
Epson LCD projector hanging from ceiling, model # EMP TW800
Onkyo Integra receiver, model DTR 5.5
Denon DVD player, model #DVD-1730
Pioner CD player 301 CD Jukebox, model #PD-F19
Klipsch Subwoofer, model RPW10
DirecTV satellite receiver, model # D-11
Tripp-Lite AV Power Conditioner, model #HT3100PC
Monster Cable 6-way speaker selector (what do I need this for? I never switch speakers. Installers said it was needed because..I forget what they said)
Osiris remote control, model MX-350 (maxed out capabilities)
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Just because it has "wireless" doesn't mean you have to use it. It's also by far the cheapest way to get Pandora, Internet Radio (and local radio which is almost all on the Internet, too), access to your digital library - AND controllable remotely with metadata, etc. from an iPod/iPad app...

You say you've got cat5 throughout the house - but where are the speaker wires run? If they're not home-run, a Sonos amplified unit in each room will be the answer. Since you mention a speaker selector, I assume the wires are home-run to your basement theater area. Just put a Sonos unit there as a source to your receiver, and you're set.

The speaker selector is likely providing impedance-matching for the attached pairs of speakers.

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Yes , all the Cat5 e wires are home run to the mechanical room downstairs off the garage.

Any particular Sonos unit to consider? Used or new? and, is that all I need is the Sonos or do I need to buy an iPad, iPhone, or anything else?

Thanks for the quick reply!

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Plus something to control it remotely. An iPod, iPhone, iPad or an Android device if you don't already have one...
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