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Hi all,
I own a sony dvp-cx777es JVB-DIGITAL freed changer, and I was happy using the composite output until I got a tv which can use its component output, and this is where the issue revealed itself.
I have over 350 dvd's in the changer, a mix of regions 0,1 and 2.
From what I can see, I'm getting about one second of blackness at random intervals on some of the dvd's and only on the component out, the composite output is fault free for all dvd's,
I suspect the problem is caused by macrovision activating on only region 2 dvd's (I'm not certain of all the dvd's regions).
either that or a fault in the player,.
I'm running the component signal directly from the player to the tv.
Has anyone else experienced this, if it is macrovision, is there a way around it ?