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Minecraft anyone?

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Alright, I'm new here but know some folks on the forum (wise guy, darklordjames, Scott Simonian, to name a couple.) Anyway, I have a Minecraft server I pay for and really right now Scott and I are the only ones on it. We'd like to get a couple more people to join.

We run a collection of content mods including BuildCraft, IndustrialCraft, RailCraft, Equivalent Exchange, and a few more.

If there's interest in can link a YouTube video I made of a tour of our stuff (slightly old as there's a few new things as well)

But yeah, just looking for some cool folks to join us and build some stuff.

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Hey, I play Minecraft!

Oh wait...

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I play minecraft too! The server that I usually play on is using equivalent exchange as well as a few other mods, but I'd be interested in logging into your server and trying to build some cool things...as soon as my theatre renos are done, haha.
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Didn't get around to having this posted....but here is a semi long winded tour of our server and some of it's features narrated by Marafice_Eye.

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I know this game is very popular. It is difficult to see how it is worth $27 though. It looks like a $10 game that I would perhaps buy on sale for $5.
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It's a bit more now. I got it before when it was still in beta and it was ~$20. I said the same thing too until I started to play it and went one ingame night with my friend coop. It's definitely for a certain kind of player. There isn't much of a 'game' in actuality but what you make of it. It does get updates and there are plans to add adventures, NPC's and such.
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Yeah I think it rounds out to about 27 bucks right now. But still the game is whatever you make it. If you just like building stuff, go crazy. There's tons of videos on youtube of people making insane projects, like a 1:1 scale USS Enterprise, tons of stuff. If you want to go around killing monsters and surviving, you can do that to. If you want Higher res textures, they got that. Ultra realistic shader models? got that too. Mods? they're the life of the game, if you can think of it, someone probably made it.

Here's a few of my favorite vids,

Unbelievable Shaders Mod (this is the forthcoming v10, I'm trying out v9 right now and it's simply gorgeous)

A well done vid of some servers with incredible creations and using a water texture mod

How about the opening to Half-Life done in Minecraft?

Time-lapse vid of a group of friends building a scale replica of Penn Station.
There's tons you can do with the game, and my dinky little tour vid is just cracking the surface, it's why Scott and I want more people on the server, so we can do a group project or something, but yeah try it out. Notch himself (the creator) has said if you can't afford it, just pirate it until you can pay for it, or if you want to try it first. I'm not sure what AVS's rules are on piracy talk so if this is a violation I'll remove it, but if the creator of the game himself says do it if you must, just buy it later, I'd think it was ok.

Anyway, here's a re-link to the tour vid (it is old, we have some new things built)


Took a few screenshots on the server using the Unbelievable Shaders mod... These are ingame shots, no photoshopping or anything, just the hud hidden.

Sunset on the little farm.

Night time near the Observatory

Sunrise near the Observatory

Same sunrise, different angle

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Quick update for anyone who might be on the fence, if you make a Minecraft.net account (non-premiuim) then download the game from the site and log in. there's now a 100minute demo mode to try it out.
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