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Hello all! This is my first posting, as I am in a bit of a bind, and didn't know where to turn. You guys are the experts in theatre, and If I go to a company who does this sort of thing for me, I know they will take most of my budget away!

The company I am working with is small...scrappy. We have a 10x20 meeting room at a HUGE event where everyone else is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars...

I have been asked to turn this 10x20 into a cool demo theatre on a small budget, kinda like this one I found here: but perhaps with 3 benches...

These conference rooms are kinda like these...Im trying to find out if we even have a ceiling.

I would love to get some advice, recommendations, thoughts, examples... obviously we cant create something like your home theatres, but I think we can create something temporary and nice...

Any thoughts about seating, sound, lighting...anything for a 10x20? Still need room for a presenter, as well as a snack station in the back.

If you have ANY experience with this, I would be so grateful. I am at a loss, here... without the budgets that others have, I am terrified we will end up with a screen and a curtain..and that it won't look polished.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!