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I have used a Home Theater Master MX-700 since 2004, it's about 1/2 filled with devices, got codes in there mostly by memorizing from the remotes, a few things from downloaded files from other people, I think probably from remotecentral available files. I have quite a number of macros.

I just upgraded a lot of my equipment, 3 new devices including a projector, two blu-ray players:

Epson 8700ub projector
Sony BDP-S390 Blu-ray player
Insignia NS-BRDVD4 Blu-ray player

Should I just create everything from scratch using memorization of remote infra-red signals and create macros from scratch or do I stand a chance of finding some good stuff for download? Is RemoteCentral's site the only source, or is there stuff availalble elsewhere?

I'm using an old version of MX Editor, and I saw a post saying that newer versions are available. I downloaded a file, and figure I'll backup what I have and try the new version, a file called MX_700Setup.exe that's 11MB. Got linked to it in this thread here:

MX-700 software - Page 6

It's been a long time since I upgraded any equipment, been out of the loop concerning what's gone on with the MX-700 and related devices, the software, the ins and outs of downloads and accessing/sharing codes, configurations, etc.

Thanks for help tips and suggestions
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