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Digital Adapter boxes

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Can't find anything recent on this...
On the Cape, a few years ago, we were offered 2 free digital adapter boxes (to view the locals on an old analog TV). I seem to recall that, recently, the same was offered in the Boston market. Now I get an insert in my bill that Comcast will be going all-digital in August, and that those with older TVs that have no cable box (i.e., having the cable wire run directly into the TV) will now have to pay $1.99 a month for an adapter box! I called Comcast, and the CSR said this is correct. She had no knowledge of free digital boxes in Boston (I know they did exist...I did not take advantage of it at the time). Since I get premium service on two TVs, I don't feel I should have to pay an extra $1.99 a month to get just the locals on an older TV. On a small flat-screen (digital TV) where I currently get the local HD channels without any box (wire run directly into the TV), will this end for me? Aren't they required to provide the local channels (assuming you have a minimum package)? Can I purchase a digital converter box elsewhere for the older TV, which I hardly ever use, but for the few times I do, I"d like to be able to at least pick up the locals. Or is just another way for Comcast to make a few more bucks a month?
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I have Time-Warner Cable. TWC is offering an HD Digital Adapter for free for now. TWC says that beginning in December 2013, the charge for the DTA will be $.99 / month.

The HD DTA Model # is: DCI 401 TWC 2

It's Made in China for the French technology vendor Technicolor.

I found the Technicolor web site, and it has the Model number listed generically as:
DCI 401n


Technicolor DCI 401n

SD/HD MPEG-2/4 all-digital converter for North America

Technicolor, worldwide leader in Video technologies, introduces a new generation cable converter box designed to allow North American cable operators to reclaim analog bandwidth and address the needs for HD compatibility, affordability, and addressability.


Decoding of SD/HD MPEG-2/4 digital cable TV signals to output via HDMI for digital TVs or RF output for legacy TVs

Remote controllable via RF

Simple analog-TV-type user experience

Self-installation by means of service discovery from in-band signaling per SCTE-65

Supports EAS per SCTE-18

Small compact design

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