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OFFICIAL ZVOX thread -- questions, reviews, etc.

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Hey everybody,

So I've been diligently reading through all the major soundbar threads -- Davyo, Possumgirl and everyone else, you've been SO informative, thank you -- but I noticed that, with the exception of some scattered reviews and brief questions, there isn't a dedicated thread to ZVOX systems.

Normally I tend to gravitate towards audiophile tendencies, but if this system is a good compromise between quality, function and (dead-simple) ease-of-use, I'm game. For balance between aesthetics and performance, I think I'm leaning towards their newish Z-Base line, particularly the 420. I'm also interested in the Sony CT150, but something about ZVOX just calls to me.

I wanted to open a discussion about the current generation of boxes, their pros, cons, etc. Anything and everything people can share would be greatly appreciated.

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For completion's sake, I'm posting links to other relevant threads from AVS forums:

Kilgore777's review of the ZVOX 555 --

ZVOX 555/580 comparison thread --

Davyo's Sony CT150/ZVOX 430HSD shootout from a few years back (in the mood for a sequel with the current ZVOX generation, Davyo?):

More recent thread about the ZVOX 220/420 --

Hope this helps anyone with similar ZVOX-related questions.

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Perhaps one of the largest Zvox products threads on AVS Forum, including comparisons with other soundbars available at the time, is the one started by bron in 2009: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1109869/soundbar-type-solution-w-o-bouncing-sound/570. Granted, this is now a "historical" thread as the last posting was done in July 2011, but it does contain a significant number of posts (585) on various Zvox products that might be of interest to those looking for a soundbar.

Full disclosure - I did a review of the Zvox 550 for this thread. I still own the 550 and consider it an excellent speaker system for what I use it for and where I use it.
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I just purchase zvox 580 and I was wondering how everyone that own 580 is mounting their speaker? Reason I ask is because I have my tv mount over my fireplace and my mantel is only 8-9" long and the 580 is 16 1/2" long.

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