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Do away with service providers?

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Alright, so my contract with DirecTV is going to expire soon, but recently the prices have started to hurt me a little bit. What's a good alternative for a really cheap price? I'd go OTA, but I don't get some of the news and sports channels I want and it would be kind of hard to part with the DVR that DirecTV gave me.

I guess I should add that I'm in Southern California. Is there stuff I could just get or stream online in HD for sports and news?
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You're in Southern California, so I'd have to say that cheap isn't going to get you what you want.

But in the end, it all comes down to being specific. OTA isn't great for sports, especially if you're a baseball fan. There's less baseball on OTA now than there was 15 years ago. The Angels are cable exclusive unless they're on FOX Saturday baseball. The Dodgers have KCAL, but they're probably on there less than 30 times. I think the Padres are cable exclusive as well. You'll have Olympics coverage on NBC, but it won't be as extensive as their cable coverage, and none of it will be live for us.

If you're a Lakers fan, they are moving to a new Sports network being started by Time Warner, thus they will not be on OTA anymore except for the ABC Sunday games.

There's plenty of newscasts in the LA/OC market. KCAL has 3 hours of prime time news, FOX 11 has an afternoon news show along with their morning and night offerings. KTLA has several newscasts throughout the day.
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