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Eureka's Final Eposoide

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Will they government truly close Eureka? Will Holly turn into a cannibal and feast on the town folk? Will everyone get in a big circle and sing Kumbaya? Will everyone just accept GDE's demise and have one big geek fest? Will Andy wipe that s.it eating grin off his face? Will Joe's horse voice get better? Will GED be converted into a new Yugo manufacturing facility?......wait for it, wait for it...........Will the Sheriff once again save the day?

What do you think will happen?
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Well they can just go back to the other time line.
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The whole town gets sucked into a black hole and just a giant crater remains (remember when the Borg simply scooped up a whole colony in TNG?).

... or...

Jack Carter wakes up sitting behind the wheel of his car in a ditch with his "prisoner" Zoe in the back seat on the outskirts of a little town named Eureka...
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Once again Sheriff Carter saved the day and everyone lived happily ever after. Goodbye Eureka!
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I would have bet a month's salary that they would not have had the bookend of seeing themselves entering and leaving the town from the pilot episode. I was wrong. even after temporal resets, they kept the continuity. SURPRISE!
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