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Yamaha RX-A720

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does anyone know if you can manually set the cross over for each speaker????? and also setting up the ypao i notice you can only put it in one position its not multi point. I'm thinking between the yamaha and the denon avr2312ci which you can do multi point setup and also set cross overs for each speaker. if the yamaha can do individual cross over i might go with the yamaha. any info would help thanx .
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Do you have small speakers that you would need a higher crossover than 80-100hz? Even if you have some bigger speakers you shouldn't set them to a lower crossover.

Multipiont vs. single point can be debated all day. Simply, with single point you get great sound in one spot. The closer you are to that spot the better the sound will be. Multi-point will give good sound in most seats but not great sound. You can't adjust levels, distances and EQ to be accurate at every location in your room, it defies physics. You can either pick one good location or make the best compromises between multiple locations.

Also, EQ can not correct poor seating, speaker or sub placement it can onlky compensate somewhat for it but it will never be as good as if set up properly.
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