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Pioneer BS21 vs Energy RC-10

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How do these speakers compare? Trying to decide between these two (also possibly the Pioneer BS41) to use as my rears in a 5.1 setup
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They don't. The BS21 isn't in the same league as the RC-10. The RC-10 is a much better speaker. Better build quality, better drivers,better power handling, better sound.

If you need an inexpensive $50 pair of surround speakers get the BS-21. I wouldn't use the RC-10s as surrounds unless I had other Energy RC speakers in my setup. They're good enough to be used as main speakers too.

What are your front 3 speakers?
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my mains are rc-70's. center for now is a jl audio one but will be upgraded to rc-lcr or was considering the pioneer sp-c21 (which is how i found out about the bs21's - researching the pioneer center). was just wondering if the sound quality was close between the bs21 and rc-10 since ive seen such good reviews on the bs21's
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Why would you get a Pioneer C21 to go with your RC-70's? You'd be doing yourself a disservice as it is not a tonal match. Get the RC LCR.

If you're trying to cut corners and save money you can use BS-21s as surrounds but I would stick with the RC LCR as the center for sure. You want your front 3 speakers to be timbre matched. The RC-10s would still be a better choice for surrounds since they are timbre matched too.
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