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I had Samsung 60es8000 for a month and fell in love with it. It gets better with time. Then came the cnet reviews and the VT50 was rated very high. I exchanged the es8000 for vt50 ( I don't know why). I should NEVER have done that. One of the worst decisions. I am exchanging it again for my 60 inch es8000. What an amazing tv the es8000 series is! Learned it the hard way. The 3D on vt50 is not worthy of being described a 3D. I watched 'the ultimate wave tahiti' and kept changing the modes for I thought i was still watching it in 2D while it was showing in 3D( where is the depth Vt50). The only pluses are the deep blacks and colors which the samsung gives too but comes with flashlight and bleed( which eventually reduces). The video processing is bad on vt50. How in the world can CNET give es8000 three stars but give the D8000 ( the previous model) 4 stars . People like me follow these reviews and make decisions based on them. According to CNET "Samsung cannot justify its cost". How ridiculous. The 60es8000 costs $500 less than vt50 and comes with voice and gesture and more apps and a beautiful stand, the best 3D and a magnificent picture. The plasma vt50 that I had flickered slightly when the screen went white. Is that normal?
I am open to try all brands and any type of tv as long as it performs. For some reason I feel the Samsung es8000 model is unfairly bombarded with a barrage of negative comments.
I have begun to realize that purchase of an HDTV is a very personal thing and can't be solely based on the cursory reviews especially on CNET. The review is not even detailed as I realized it later now while reading it again. Have you guys tested the 3D on es8000? It is out of this world. In addition to testing blurays it is also essential to judge a tv's performance while playing online movies on netflix and also HD cable channel. The VT50 was nowhere as good as the es8000 in these areas. The colors come out only during bluray movies.I have had both these Tvs set to the calibrated settings.
I can't wait to get my Samsung 60es8000!
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