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hc 4000 placement questions.

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I'm about to pull the trigger and order a hc4000 tom.its going to go in a basement in a home in which I'll be moving to in a week.the dimensions are 13 ft wide 16 ft long ceilings I'm guessing are 7 to 7 and half ft high. its a normal ceiling not a drop ceiling.I'm concerned the ceilings aren't high enough. I know there's no lens shift and I was planning on placing the it on a tall cab.is there anyway stick something under to tilt the pj down a little. or will this pj not work with what I'm trying to do? I could mount to ceiling if I had to but even still I don't know if it will work. I'm looking to do a 108 to 120 inch screen. if this won't work any other Pjs NJ with similar price that ppl can recommend thanks
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Again Coderguy to the rescue with his projector calculator.


At the top select your projector. On the right side you will see where to enter ceiling height.

With a 7 foot 7 inch ceiling you're restricted to a 90" or smaller screen...and that's with a ceiling mount.
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I have the HC4000 mounted (Percheron super low ceiling mount) in my basement with a similar setup to yours. Ceiling is 7.5' and finished, not drop style.

My 120" screen originally sat pretty much on the floor, but after painting the room - and then re-setting everything up again - decided to try a projector tilt to move the image up, which I combatted on the screen side by tilting the top of the screen out an inch or so. Works completely fine. Now my screen sits roughly in the centre of the wall, perhaps slightly lower than centre because there is a window above it.

I'd say if you're set on this projector, make sure you're mounting as close as possible to the ceiling with a low mount and just edge the top of your screen out a bit, you'll be fine. There are other topics around discussing the screen tilt-out technique, which prompted me to try it.


I should say that it seems the HC4000 commonly falls victim to 2 criticisms --

1) Project placement restriction
2) RBE due to DLP technology

I have found that 1 was much ado about nothing if you can employ a fix as outlined above. Whereas 2 I was not prepared for... I'd be sure that you can return the unit or have a plan to deal with RBE if you or anyone in your family ends up being prone to RBE sensitivity. Might be an even bigger reason to go with a different projector in my opinion.
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