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3312 & usb port

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I purchased a 3312 two weeks ago.

I have a Sony media player (nwz-s545) which is a 16gb "walkman". The player does not need a/c to run.

I plug it into the front usb port on the 3312 and in the net/usb menu it shows the model listed above. After pressing enter, it lists all the songs on the player.

When I press play, it will play a few songs with no problem. Sounds great, shows up on my tv's hdmi oftentimes with a pic of the album. After 2 or 3 songs, the music stops and I am back at the net/usb menu. This time when I choose the sony player, it indicated it is "empty", and will not reconnect any more.

On one occasion it played a song or two and then flashed "connection lost".

The usb port is also charging the sony as indicated by the battery indicator.
I have the latest firmware which I updated when I received it, but I never reset the receiver before or after updating the firmware. Other features I use work OK. Just this.

I don't know if there is a problem with the 3312. There does not appear to be any setting to change. I've tried to use it about 3 times and it "kicks" me out after a few songs each time. I have about 2,500 mp3 songs on there, mostly with bit rates of 320, but the 3312 only shows they are playing in 256, which is fine.

Would anyone know why this is happening, or if there is a solution? Thanks.
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It could be an issue with the Walkman. Bring it in to a Best Buy/Magnolia and test it on one of their demo models to confirm.
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thanks for the suggestion. I tried another usb media player and it works fine. my sony works perfectly when used with my headphones. i don't understand why it is not working with my 3312. It recognizes it, plays a song or two and then stops. Very strange. Your idea was most helpful.
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