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Supermicro aoc-saslp-mv8 drops HDD

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Hoping somebody can give me some indication as to what is wrong here.

My Server:

CASE: Norco RPC-4224 24-bay Rackmount Chassis
CPU: AMD Sempron 140 Dual Core (2.70GHz) - AM3
MEM: 2x Corsair 4GB (2 x 2GB) PC3-10600 1333MHz DDR3 RAM (8Gb Total)
GC: Zotac GeForce GT240 - 1GB
PSU: Silverstone 750W
OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate (installed on seperate HDD attached to MB)
*Please don't recommend another OS, has to be family friendly.

Parts Of Interest:

HBA: 1x Supermicro AOC-SASLP-MV8
(Firmware v3.1.0.21)
(Driver v4.0.0.1200(As used here - http://www.avsforum.com/t/1324649/3tb-drives-and-supermicro-aoc-saslp-mv8/30#post_22103361 ))
CBL: 2x Norco 0.5M Mini-SAS(SFF-8087) to Mini-SAS(SFF-8087) Multilane SAS Cable
HDDs: 4x Seagate ST31000524AS

For some reason, I continue to get HDD dropping off the controller card, then trying to re-initialize.
For a long time I was running all 4 HDD fine(no drops), but then I decided to add another HDD, and all hell broke loose. Now random HDD keep dropping off (even after I removed the new 5th HDD from the equation).

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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I'm using the same card in my unRAID server. I had an issue with one drive dropping off the array, prompting me to reinitialize the drive and restore the data from parity on numerous occasions. I tried different drives and soon discovered that there was an issue with the backplane. I'm using three Supermicro 5-in-3 SATA backplane modules in an Antec Nine Hundred case. I replaced the flaky backplane and it's been running solid ever since.

Have you tried moving the controller to a different PCI slot? Is the same dirve dropping off the grid consistently? Have you tried using a different bay for the drive? If it always occurs with a drive in the same bay it may be a backplane problem and nothing to do with the card.
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Thanks for the speedy response captain_video.

Sounds interesting. For reference: the Norco RPC-4224 has 6 backplanes, each running 4 bays. I currently have the first 3 of the 4 bays used on the bottom backplane, and 1 on the next backplane above. The secondary backplane has never dropped a disk (It's the one I inserted the new HDD (3TB WD) into, and surprisingly it didn't drop the 3TB). Hmmm.

Will try to swap to another backplane and see if all problems alleviate. Fingers crossed (that's a simple fix).

Will keep you posted.

Thanks again.
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Seems to be the same two HDDs (mostly the same one) dropping off every time.
Changed to another backplane for the first attempt.
All HDD work fine(ish), until I plug in the 3TB.Then it drops one of the HDD.
Then tried changing cables around, with the same result.
All HDD work fine, until I plug in the 3TB. Then it drops one of the HDD (mostly the same one, each time).

Removed questionable HDDs. Problems instantly alleviated.

I then grabbed two HDDs (1x 1TB, and 1x 2TB) from my other hot-swap bay in my gaming computer, and plugged them in also.
Hasn't missed a beat so far (fingers stay crossed).

Tried copying a 10Gb file from multiple source HDDs, to multiple destination HDDs, with no errors.
Restarted 4 times now, with no errors on start up, each time.

Will throw a new Seagate 2TB HDD in and confirm (hope for the best).
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Everything seems to be alright.

Also created a batch file that copies a file from the sample music folder (that I renamed and copied directly to C:) to each of the HDDs, and then deletes them all automatically. Also created a JS script that runs the BAT hidden (no visual interference). Set the JS to run scheduled every 5 minutes.
Hopefully this will cause the HDDs to NEVER spin down.

BAT File:
I named it "HDD No Sleep Script.BAT"
xcopy c:\1.mp3 D: /y
xcopy c:\1.mp3 E: /y
xcopy c:\1.mp3 F: /y
xcopy c:\1.mp3 G: /y
xcopy c:\1.mp3 H: /y
xcopy c:\1.mp3 I: /y
xcopy c:\1.mp3 J: /y
xcopy c:\1.mp3 K: /y
xcopy c:\1.mp3 L: /y
DEL D:\1.mp3 /Q
DEL E:\1.mp3 /Q
DEL F:\1.mp3 /Q
DEL G:\1.mp3 /Q
DEL H:\1.mp3 /Q
DEL I:\1.mp3 /Q
DEL J:\1.mp3 /Q
DEL K:\1.mp3 /Q
DEL L:\1.mp3 /Q

JS Script:
I named it "HDD No Sleep Hidden.JS"
var WindowStyle_Hidden = 0
 var objShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
 var result = objShell.Run("cmd.exe /c C:\HDD No Sleep Script.bat", WindowStyle_Hidden)

-Replace 1.MP3 with whatever file you want.

Then set a scheduled task to run "HDD No Sleep Hidden.JS" every 5 minutes.

Gone from having a LOT of red and yellows in event viewer, to mostly whites.

Problem solved.........smile.gif

Thanks for getting me back on track, captain_video.

Hope this helps some others as well.
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Is there a particular reason you don't want the drives to spin down? It seems to me that it would keep the server cooler and use less energy if the drives are allowed to spin down when not in use. I've got an unRAID server configured with fourteen 1.5TB data drives and it only spins up the 2TB parity drive and any other drives required for use at the time. I literally leave it up and running 24/7 for months on end without rebooting. The only time all drives are spinning at the same time is when I'm performing a parity check. Aside from the flaky backplane I think I've only had one or two drive failures in the past 4 or 5 years. The parity drive died a while back, but it was still under warranty so it was replaced in short order. Considering it's the only drive that's running almost constantly, I'm not surprised it was the first to go, hence my concern about keeping all drives spinning constantly.
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Reading around, I am under the impression that the SuperMicro card doesn't especially like desktop HDDs (A tech at SuperMicro advised me NOT to use desktop HDDs, stating they were incompatible, and to only use enterprise drives). When desktop HDDs spin down, the card would drop them off, and have trouble picking them back up. I think this was the problem that led to the drives corruption (or they could have been just dying).

I have successfully transferred over 5TB of data from the old HDDs, across the network, to the new drives. Checked the Windows error logs just then (one day since HDD replacement). Not a single yellow or red. Happy with that.

So I figured, better safe than sorry. The script may not be needed, but at the same time, if it's not broke don't fix it. smile.gif
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My unRAID server is comprised entirely of off-the-shelf desktop drives. I've got two of the Supermicro cards in my server and never had a drive drop off the array other than the one attached to the flaky backplane slot. Perhaps it's more of an issue with the OS you're using for the server than the actual hardware. I would think you'd want to use Windows Home Server rather than Win 7, which is not really designed for server use. UnRAID is simple and boots from a flash drive, allowing me to use all available disk space for storage. FlexRAID is another alternative you might want to consider.
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OK, back to square one!

HDDs dropping off again.
Just finished downloading WHS, to give it a try. Hopefully this will have a better outcome. Will try UnRaid, if this fails, but I am hesitant simply because I have never used it before, and need something family friendly. Suppose I could always just build another workstation for the lounge, so my family can use that instead of accessing the server directly.

Will post results after WHS install and some testing. Cheers for your feedback though, captain_video.
Appreciate the help.
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I have 2 MV8 cards in my UnRaid server. I use standard desktop HDDs (10 Hitachi 5k300/7k300 plus a mix of a few other older drives). I've had no issues with the MV8s and the desktop drives. Can't help too much on the drives dropping other than to suggest rechecking connectors/cables/backplanes etc.

I've also heard a couple of people having issues where they had cable tied the MV8 cables together. Something to also consider.

From a family friendly perspective... A UnRaid Server with your media and a Windows 7 HTPC with MediaPortal (and StreamedMP skin, Moving Pictures and MyTVSeries plugin) as the front end doesn't get any better in terms of family friendly. Assuming you have gigabit wired network you can put the server out the way so it is not accidently knocked by kids, vacuum cleaners etc.


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I feel pretty stupid right now.
Was in the process of rebuilding the server, when I noticed I had one of the two backplane power splitters disconnected. Plugged in another molex, and away it went.
No clicking HDDs on start up. Restarted a few times and checked error log after each boot. No errors are being reported at all.

Now copying 2TB across network at 85(ish)MB/s.

Fingers crossed.

@LordWombat - Built another computer for lounge. Using Windows 7 with MediaBrowser. Server can stay a server.


All problems (with HDDs) are gone. No HDDs dropping off. Successfully copied approx 4TB across the network without a single problem. No errors in event viewer.


ALWAYS CHECK YOUR CABLING!!!!!!!! rolleyes.gif

.........Now, if only I could fix the Launchpad/connection problems with WHS 2011, I would be happy(er).
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