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Sometime back, a discussion arose in this subforum about the Amazon Trade-In Store, where members can receive Amazon credit for old, unwanted DVDs and Blu-rays.

Link to earlier AVS discussion:

Link to Amazon Trade-In Store:

Since that time, with a growing abundance of $5-to-$10 Blu-rays, I was fortunate enough to be able to buy a few Blu-rays on the cheap and then turn around and sell them to Amazon's Trade-In Store for 2x what I paid for them.

Limitations and additional information:

- As far as I can tell, Amazon will only let you sell up to 2 copies of any title. After you submit 2 copies, you won't be able to submit any more for a period of 3 months. I assume this limitation is "per account", so Amazon users with multiple accounts will have an advantage there.

- The maximum credit value is awarded only if the item is deemed in "New" condition (i.e. sealed/unopened product). If the cellophane or shrinkwrap came off a submitted item, then it is downgraded to "Like New" or "Good", which yields a significantly lower trade-in value than "New".

- The Amazon trade-in values fluctuate widely and rapidly. When you notice a good trade-in value for a title you no longer want or need, don't hesitate to act otherwise you could regret it when that title loses significant value in a short period of time.

- When submitting an item to Amazon for trade-in credit, make sure you are submitting for the correct version of the Blu-ray title. In many cases, there are multiple Blu-ray versions that can be traded in on Amazon for an individual title. The best way to make sure is to cross-reference the ASIN number shown on Amazon's product page with the UPC number that appears on your physical copy.

Example: I just did it this week with a sale Blu-ray from Best Buy. Here are the details.
Batman Begins [Blu-ray Steelbook Exclusive] - Christian Bale, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman (Region 1 US - 2012)

ASIN: B00873JZO4
UPC: 883929251148

As of this writing, this Blu-ray can be bought from Best Buy for $4.99 + tax after using a $5 coupon from Best Buy's currently running DVD trade in program. As of today, this title can be sent to the Amazon Trade-In Store for a maximum credit of $9.75, which is given as an Amazon gift card that is credited to your Amazon account for use in future purchases.

Anyway, I thought maybe an ongoing discussion thread on this topic could be started (may go to sticky, one day) where folks who shop on Amazon may update this topic with trade-in alerts. Post some DVD and Blu-ray titles you notice as having decent current trade-in values on Amazon. Yes, DVDs can be good trade-ins too. In general, still sealed quality titles (like Disney Platinum Series DVDs) can fetch a substantial amount, especially for titles that are out of print.
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