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Pioneer Elite Question - SC-65

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I'm looking to do a lot of equipment upgrades and need a new receiver as part of that. Currently just about everything including my Denon receiver is 12 years old. I'm looking at the Pioneer line and zeroing in on the SC-65 mostly because I do a lot with Apple devices and they seem to be very Apple friendly. The SC-68 has this super DAC I guess but I just don't think I'd need it.

My use will be mostly TV and movies. I have Paradigm speakers that I'm not planning on changing - though I will be putting at least 2 more in to get to 7.1 I think. I'm replacing a MITS 73 RPTV that doesn't have HDMI - just component. So my thoughts are to have the receiver do all the switching for video sources like it does now. I'm adding a projector so 2 hdmi outs are important.

Anyway - I guess the biggest question I have at the moment is how this - or other receivers handle volume changes. Do they do any kind of normalization? does it work? While I don't mind things loud here and there, it's a problem for my wife between hearing the dialoge and then the loudness of explosions/commercials.

Are there features to try and help this in receivers these days? is that what this "Audyssey" is that I see talked about a lot or is that something else?

Thanks for any advice!!
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Yes, Audyssey Dyn Volume helps to minimize the loud explosions/commercials while at the same time raising lower dialogue levels. Also Audyssey Dyn EQ helps to boost bass/surround audio at levels below reference listening levels. Consider the Denon 4311CI (9.2 expandable to 11.2 w/2CH amp) which uses the most advanced version of Audyssey MultEQ XT32.

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Thank you! So it doesn't look like Pioneer has Audyssey. That might be a deal breaker as I really would like something to help with this.

I'll look at the Denon you suggested. I was also originally recommened by the sales guy to look at the Integra DTR 70.3 which does appear to have the Audyssey built in. Any opinion on that vs the Denon 4311?

Thanks so much!
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Pioneer uses their own proprietary EQ called MCAAC, while Onkyo, Integra, NAD, Denon and Marantz use Audyssey. Both the 4311CI and 70.3 use the same version of Audyssey MultEQ XT32 so select the model that offers the other feature/inputs/outputs you require. Also note that the Denon and Marantz both feature Airplay.
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Wow. That's an impressive guide for the Audyssey 101!

So if I'm understanding things right. Let's say I was trying to decide between the Pioneer elite SC-65 and the Denon 4311. The Denon is about $400 more then the Pioneer Elite.

I found some information on Pioneers ALC in their manual, but nothing as detailed as the Audyssey 101 Faq. I'm assuming that the opinion is that Audyssey is better then Pioneer Elites proprietory solution? I'm gathering that the Audyssey will test several, maybe 8 I think, listening locations while the Pioneer only tests one? Though I didn't see that in the Pioneer Manual....

Assuming the Audyssey is better. Is it THAT much better then what Pioneer offers for the price difference? and if it fine. I'm just wondering how close they might be.

I guess right now my impression is that the Audyssey in the Denon would beat the Pioneer but the Marvell Qdeo video chip beats the Denon's video processor. Any thoughts on that?

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