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I'm planning a new home construction with move-in in December and the Hopper seems to be what I'm looking for. I've been a Dish subscriber at my current home for 12 years. Currently have a 921 DVR and one of the smaller non-DVR HD boxes (forget the model number).

At the new place I'm thinking I can start out with one Hopper and 4 Joeys. I may upgrade to another Hopper later.

1) What are they charging for current customers? From what I've read its $6 per month plus $4 whole home DVR fee plus $7 for each Joey, but I was not sure if it was different for new customers. I have the top tier programming package if that makes a difference.
2) Any idea what they will charge me to move and install the dishes? I'm willing to sign up for a 2 year agreement and automatic payments.
3) I'm not happy about them advertising a 2TB drive but reserving 1TB for OnDemand. I will NEVER use this pay for service. Is there any way to change the space allocation?
4) What is the latest on OTA? Ideally I'd like to use my attic antenna for the signal and the Dish guide for programming. Is this possible? Future upgrade?
5) Any chance I can keep some of the recordings from my 921? Some kind of transfer SW or procedure?
6) What about remote access & control? I will have an Ethernet connection available and am big on Home Automation. Anyway to remotely program and control the Hopper and Joeys?
7) Don't suppose they have an IR input jack so I can hide the Joey behind the TV?

Many questions, I know.

Thanks in advance for the information.