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How's BlockBuster mail service for Blu-Ray?  

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Right now I have a 2 disc Netflix subscription. I'm annoyed by how they don't carry BDs for older movies. If it's not a new release, odds are they won't have it and they won't get it. I waited almost a year for them to get the Back to the Future trilogy BD before giving up and buying the set myself. They still only have the DVDs. The Indiana Jones BD box set comes out in a few months, and odds are they won't get that either. Of the discs they do have, they're usually stripped down copies with no extras.

I don't care about streaming, since I have Amazon Prime and most streaming video looks like SD anyway. I have an HDTV and a BD player. I want that nice picture!

Redbox is here, but they're a joke unless you only watch new releases.

How's BB on the BD front? No stores around here, so the in-store exchange is a moot point. I looked through the list of movies on their site, and they seem to offer more BDs of older films than Netflix. Do they send retail copies? How is the turnaround?
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I have both services and Netflix is much better. Block Buster's older BD film collection isn't that much better. As far as new releases are concerned, often there are long waits. Also, I can't tell you how many indy films go to an 'on order' status after the release date and then never become available. Unlike Neflix's customer service, which usually offers a short wait time and is pretty good when resolving shipping issues or answering questions, BB customer service's automated attendant is much slower to pick up with most reps being out sourced and too often not very helpful.

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I've used both, and actually switched from Netflix back to Blockbuster today. At least in my area, Netflix wait times are longer than Blockbuster for new releases. They closed our BB store recently, which caused me to switch back to Netflix, the in store exchange was the ticket. Netflix ships fast, but if they only want to ship me #15 and down on my queue, it's really a moot point. So I'm giving Blockbuster another whirl. To each his own, I guess. ANd no extra charge for BluRay from Blockbuster.
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Originally Posted by Arklier View Post

Do they send retail copies? How is the turnaround?

The copies depend on the studio and title. Some are retail and a few are rental.

Turnaround depends on your location. At my former address it was about two days from ship to receive, at my new address it is one day. I suggest that you put your Netflix account on “hold” and sign up for the free trial at Blockbuster here. I have used both Netflix & Blockbuster. I left Netflix because of their contempt for the disc subscribers and the lower subscription rates for Blu-ray disc. Mine is disc only, no “In store exchange”. YMMV, each sub will have to see which service works best for them.
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I'm going to ask that you post follow up discussions in our existing thread on this topic:

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