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Panamorph UH480 & JVC projectors

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I currently have a JVC RS40 and use the zoom method on a 2.35 110" screen. I have been thinking of adding a UH480 but my biggest concerns with the UH480 are it softening the picture and also not gaining any brightness. I also have a Lumagen Radiance XD processor I will be using with it. I don't want to soften my image any.

So, for the people who have added the uh480 with their jvc projector what is your observations regarding it softening image or is image the same or even sharper? Also do you notice any added brightness?

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I don't leave my lens in place for 16:9 content, but certainly haven't noticed any softening. Not using game content with the lens in place, though, either...
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I don't know how useful my experience will prove to be since I have what I think is a pretty uncommon setup. I have it positioned about 17 feet back from a (there's a sweet spot for this lens, I forget) 103in 2.35 screen 2.4 high power high contrast screen. It's also shelf mounted and positioned a few inches above the center of said screen thus producing (at least what seems to my eyes) nearly zero pincushion. Very sharp and very bright. If there's any serious softening on any area of the screen then I must be losing my eye sight early (i'm 28). The hp screen probably certainly helps at least some perception of sharpness too. Also, I think it's important to mention my projector is a jvc rs2. Considered one of the dimmest projectors jvc ever made ( i don't know, maybe the 40 is giving it a run for it's money) and it looks very bright. In fact it's why I might pull the trigger on one of the newer models so I can use the aperture.

All in all very very happy I purchased this lens. The difference to zooming is notable to such a degree going back seems banal and ham-fisted.
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Originally Posted by kiliksun View Post

banal and ham-fisted.

Great description. Never used those terms together. Nice.
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I have an RS40 and have been using the ZOOM method for 2.35 ( I don't yet have a screen just a 14' wide beige wall ). I recently bought the UH480 used as a "C" stock item on VideoGon. I grabbed it because I wanted to play with it, and at the price, I knew I could sell it with minimal loss. My set up is sitting on a table, and I've not messed with it too much other than to get the picture to shoot through the lens onto the wall with no light loss, maybe 5 minutes of set up.

The difference between zooming 2.35 and using the anamorphic mode with the lens is night and day to me. I think you are loosing like 5% or something like that of brightness, which in a light controlled room is negligible, and even with the lights on is not really noticeable to me. So the picture quality and sizeing options that open up with the lens outweigh any light loss for me.

I plan on keeping the lens, I'm happy with it. I haven't decided if I'm going to sled it or just use anamorph B mode on the proj and just leave it in place.
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Thanks Guys for your observations. Sounds like I would like the pq of the lens but my projector lens is about 13 feet back from screen and that sounds like my room depth is too small for the lens to work for me with optimal focus.

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Ok, I looked on the Panamorph Website and it says:

How far from the screen does the projector and UH480 lens assembly need to be mounted?

First, there is the issue of focus. The UH480 lens is engineered to give optimum sharpness and full graphics level performance when mounted between about 14.5’ to 17.5’ feet from the screen. This was a deliberate design choice, as experience has shown us that the vast majority of projectors are installed within that mounting distance. Mounting the lens within those limits will reveal full 1080P pixel level sharpness even with critical test patterns. Practically, however, the UH480 lens can be used from about 12 to 22 feet without any noticeable loss of sharpness with even high definition movies. For those wanting "pixel level" performance at distances greater than 17.5’, we offer optional UH480 Long Throw Conversion Kits at an additional cost. 

So, it sounds like I am close to the border of what might work. Time to remeasure distance.

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