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For about a year or so, I had my Win7/64bit machine setup where Windows Media Center would change the channel on my Motorola HD QIP 7100 for me with the IR Blaster I had hooked up to my pc.

Every now and then I had to unplug it from the USB port for one reason or another.
When I did that, I was forced to uninstall the drivers for the IR Blaster, reboot the machine, plug it in again, and let it auto-install the drivers for me.

Now for some reason, no matter how many times I try the method above, I can't seem to install the IR Blaster properly, so Media Center can use it. When I start Media Center, it can see that I have an IR Blaster, but when I try and teach it and press buttons on my remote right in front of the Blaster, nothing happens…

So my question is, would getting a USB-UIRT ( be a lot more simpler to use, and maintain, than my current setup? Will Media Center be able to recognize and use the USB-UIRT, and be able to change the channels on my STB?

I'm not too familiar with the USB-UIRT or what software it uses. I just want to make sure that this is the right piece of hardware for me to buy.

I want my computer, or some piece of hardware to change the channels on my STB at certain times, so my HD-PVR, and HDD-DVD recorder can record the correct channels/shows.

I also heard about changing the channels with a Firewire cable hooked up to the back of the STB. But I haven't tired anything like that before, and I heard the current method doesn't work with 64bit machines.