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need a htib system for my basement project

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So, I am a newb to home audio, so I apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge.

Please see the attached image of what my room will look like when I get it finished. The wires will be run through the walls, but I am not sure 7.1 is ideal for my room. I am trying to spend 6-700$ for the audio system, and then I will get a blu-ray player separate. I have had my mind on the Onkyo HTS9400, but I would rather not have that big of side speakers due to the situation of my basement. I am thinking a 5.1 would be better suited to my room than a 7.1. So, to pick smaller side speakers, I was looking at the Onkyo HTS8409, but I still have the 7.1 vs. 5.1 issue. So, my questions are:

With this room configuration, would you do a 5.1 or 7.1 system?

If 5.1, would you still do the HTS8409 or some other system?

If other system, what would you assemble component wise in my price range with smaller side speakers, yet large enough speakers for the size of the room?

Are some of the systems with all small speakers too small for my room?

Mike Basement.bmp 2965k .bmp file
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If I need to go a little bit higher with my budget for a much better component system, then I am willing to do that. But I do not know anything about this stuff so hopefully someone can suggest some components for me. It will be mostly for movies, quite a bit of sports viewing, and some music too. Thanks for any help
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Basement2.pdf 34k .pdf file

Maybe this attachment is easier to open, thanks.
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bump for anyone?
I am just a lost newb in the forrest lol
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If possible rearrange your room... shift 90 degrees clock wise. You always want the TV/screen on the narrowest wall. if you do that 7.1 should work fine cuz you should have room between the couch and wall.

If you can fit the speakers and you want a HTiB I highly recommend the 9400THX. I have experience with the 9100THX and 9300THX and for what they are and how cheap they are they sound great. Remember bigger doesn't always mean better but personally I wouldn't recommend anyone to go with speakers with less than 5" mid/woofers and I prefer at least 6".
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I would stick with 5.1 for various reasons:

- The layout is wrong. Rear speakers are really supposed to be rear speakers. Not semi-side speakers. I would just get rid of the rears and place the surround speakers in one line with the couch, against the wall. Unless you like speakers literally blowing in your ear when sitting on the couch.

This is fairly close to optimal imho:


Indeed, if you could turn the layout 90 degrees it could make sense again, layout wise.

- There is hardly any 7.1 stuff available. Your rear speakers would be doing absolutely nothing in 95% of the cases. Only way to get them to do something is with DPL2x (or its DTS counterpart) upmixing.

I don't know if Onkyo has a 5.1 version available of the 9400, but in Europe we have the HT-S9405THX (guess it's the same as the 9400 but missing two speakers) and it's easily the best HTiB I've listened to so far. The speakers are fairly large though.
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Thank you guys so much!

The problem with rotating my layout 90* clockwise, is that there is a window on the east (with north being up as I drew it) wall. That would put the tv in front of the window. I guess that is ok, since i did not plan on wall mounting a heavy 65" plasma anyway. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I like having the tv in front of the window anyway. There is really no point to needing any light coming in there. This has helped very much and now I can get the 9400 system like I originally wanted. The system is very affordable on accessories4less but it is refurbished. Should I be scared of refurbished electronics?

Again, thank you both, those posts have helped greatly!
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I assume you have normal warranty? I wouldn't be too concerned.
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I think it said 1 year warranty, thanks
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Anything my family, friends, or I have owned from Onkyo has been refurb. We never had any issues I love my Onkyo 808 AVR had it for over a year now and its a refurb absolutely no problems yet. As LB06 stated I too believe the 9400THX is hands down the best HTiB all from one company on the market.

Enjoy..... Also so many ppl hate HTiBs and I am one of those ppl except I do like this model from Onkyo.... To earn THX certification a speaker has to hit 20khz or higher at -6db and the sub has to hit 20hz or lower at -6db. So you will have bass that you can hear and feel.
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So you guys think this looks better? See attached

Basement3.bmp 2965k .bmp file

Or switch the sub and the LF speaker around?
I have always thought subs sounded best when placed in the corner.
This will make wiring easier as well.
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Originally Posted by mgrotel View Post

So you guys think this looks better? See attached
Basement3.bmp 2965k .bmp file
Or switch the sub and the LF speaker around?
I have always thought subs sounded best when placed in the corner.
This will make wiring easier as well.
Good god, can't you make a proper compressed image?

But yes, that should allow you to setup a 7.1 speakerset.
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Ok, so I am rethinking things a bit. Instead of the 9400, I am considering the following:

TXNR609 Receiver
SS-F5000 pair for front L and R
SS-B1000 pair for side L and R
Old pair of 8 Ohm Infinity shelf speakers I have laying around for the rear L and R
SS-CN5000 for the center speaker
BIC V1020 for the subwoofer

I could piece this together for about $800, and about $850 if I get another set of the B1000s to replace my old 8 ohm Infinitys.

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If you want an excellent 7.2 starter system that's not a HTiB...

Check out 7 of these BIC FH6-LCR, should be able to get all 7 for around $700 delivered.

Onkyo 609 for $300.

Check out 2 of these BIC F12 subwoofers, should be able to get both for $400.

That's $1400 for 7.2 and $1,000 for 5.1.

OR check out the Polk Monitor series on newegg.com.
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Ok, so I am pretty much the most indecisive person in the world, and I apologize for that. You guys have been super helpful and I appreciate it a lot. I have decided there are entirely too many options in the home audio world. However, I think I have narrowed it down to 2 options:

Just get the packaged 9400THX

Receiver - Onkyo TXNR609
Pioneer Surround Bundle - FS-51 pair (L&R), C21 (center), and BS-21 pair (rear)
Another pair of BS-21 to make 7.1
Subwoofer - either the Energy S10.3 or the BIC v1020

Option 2 ends up being about 175 dollars more than option 1, both are in my budget.


1. Given the price difference, which would you choose? It basically comes down to if the different speakers are that much better considering both options have the same receiver.

2. If I decide on option 2, will the non-THX rated speakers make the system not sound as good for movie surround sound? In both cases I will have the Audyssey EQ.

3. If I decide on option 2, is that receiver a good match for those speakers?

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Anyone have some advice for me on this? There is a sale ending in 2 days on the Pioneers speakers at BB so if I want to go that route, I need to act fairly quickly. I have pretty much decided on the BIC F12 sub if I do with option 2, so disregard the sub questions. Thanks.
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go with option 2.

But I'd probably get a Denon receiver with a better version of Audyssey.

By the way you've got nothing to lose by getting the Pioneer speakers. You have 30 days to return them to Best Buy if they aren't your cup of tea.
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Thank you, and yea, after that post I settled on the 1912 denon for that exact reason.

which sub should I get?
Energy S10.3
BIC V1020
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I own the s10.3 and like if very much. Good with music and movies.

The F12 is more of a home theater subwoofer. larger and more powerful than the s10.3

Just depends how you plan to use it.
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Got the last c21 in Utah today, bundle out the door for 135$!!!

And I'm leaning towards the BIC pl200 sub because of the size of my room.
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And pretty sure the 10.3 is more powerful than the F12, watt wise anyway
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Watts are absolutely useless.
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