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AMD 6950 and Pioneer VSX-1120k

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Hello, I have a AMD 6950 video card that is connected as follows.

DVI from video card to DVI on computer monitor Dell 2408WFP.

HDMI from video card to HDMI on VSX-1120K audio video receiver out to Samsung TV HDMI.

The video card is configured so that the AVR/TV acts as an extended display. So when I want to use the TV to view video etc, I drag the window over to the TV for playback.

So here is my problem that I have with this setup. I use the computer for TV viewing. It has a Ceton InfiniTV card installed and an XBOX360 is acting as an extender. The XBOX360 is connected by wired network to the computer and HDMI is going out to the AVR from the XBOX360 onto the TV. When I want to switch the inputs on the receiver to the computer's HDMI input (so that I have sound) my TV and my computer monitor switch displays. My computer monitor becomes my extended display with no icons and my TV then changes to the primary display.

If I turn off the AVR or try to switch it to another input the results are the same. The only way I have found to get things back to normal is to turn off the TV and then they will switch back to the way I want them to be.

I had the same issue with an older video card and had thought that by replacing it with a newer card it would resolve the issue but it has not. Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this and if so what did you do to resolve it? Do I have things setup correctly? Thanks for your help in advance.
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I don't know if this will work for your situation or not, but have you considered creating a Preset in the AMD VISION Engine Control Center and using a hotkey to activate it? Seems like that might get you back to the state you want. Haven't had a chance to test it myself.
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