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I'm asking this question because my components are hidden & thus rendering the remotes unusable. So I got this Denon Remote control Receiver that I should be able to point my remotes at & use.

The Owner's manual is no real help connecting this, so I'm coming to the experts here (after a forum search, of course). I cant find anything online that shows how to do this. here is my setup:

A/V Receiver: Denon AVR-2312CI (has both an RS232C External Serial Controller port for connecting an external control device, and remote control jacks [in & out]).
Blu-Ray Player: Denon DBP-1611UD (has remote control jacks [in & out])
Remote Control Receiver: Denon 7001RCI (has a COMPORT & four "IR Out" ports).

As far as the connections between the 7001 & the A/V unit: Does the Comport connect to the A/V's RS232C port AND is there a connection from the IR Output on the 7001 to the A/V unit that has to be made?

The Connection from the 7001 to the BluRay looks pretty straightforward...I would guess it's just IR Out to the remote control "In" port on the bluray.

Any guideance would be appreciated!