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Help with projector choice - Gaming + Movies & Basement MAN CAVE!!!!

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I always consult with the experts before making any decision regarding home theater so here goes:

I'm setting up a man cave in the basement and have an entire wall to use for the screen. There is no ambient light, my budget is $1500 and the projector will be used for 50% XBOX ( casual play non-competitive) and 50% movies.

Its not a big space but I'll make it work. Viewing distance is 10', total length to wall is 11.6" and I have a total of 96" of wall space to work with. Ceiling hight is a paltry 7 ' 5". There is a pole at the end of the room dead center of the viewing space, but I'll have a couch in front of it. I plan to rig a rack of sorts that hangs down from the been above the pole and shoots back so that is how I can grab the extra 1' 6" of space to accommodate the projector. This will be left of the pole, which puts the projector about 6" off center.

Any suggestions out there? I have the following in the running:

Panasonic's PT-AR100U
Mitsubishi's HC4000
Viewsonic Pro8200
Epson 8350
Optoma HD33

I like the idea of having built in speakers and plan to add a receiver / speakers / sub down the road when the money tree grows again. This will be mounted from the ceiling away from the kids and will not be used for regular TV.

Thanks everyone!
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Being a basement (light control) the Epson over the Panasonic. I can't comment much on the others.
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I would say the HD33 is out because you need lense shift and something with a shorter throw if you want to fill 96"
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I have a bedroom setup with about the same distance and ceiling height that you are in. I have the Epson 8350 and have never noticed any gaming lag with my Xbox or PS3 gaming. I have a 106" screen which is about 8 1/2 feet wide and due to width and room setup. Cause it too run a bit onto my floor standing speakers, but aren't that bothersome. (especially with the scope movies) I will admit i notice a bit of roughness for some panning scenes but not enough to scare me off from the purchase. The lens shift was great because i'm about a foot or so off centre and wouldn't be able to ceiling mount a cheaper DLP option i had because of a ceiling fan in the way. I have some good curtains that block out most of the light to the room and even midday when it isn't direct sun into my room, the picture will look pretty good.

Good luck with whatever you decide to go with
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All the PJ's in this list are auto-eliminated except the Panny ar100u and Epson 8350 due to placement flexibility.
Epson 8350 has darker blacks, the Panny is brighter for ambient light.

Since you will be working with a small screen it sounds like the Epson 8350 is your best bet.
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