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MX-980 - Xbox360 Media Center

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I have found that my Xbox responds quite slowly to my MX-980 remote. It is as if the IR commands take about 2 full seconds each time I press a button (according to the IR indicator on the remote screen). My cheap Rosewill Media Center remote works perfectly fine and snappy. Am I missing something in CCP that deals with IR repeat or inter-key delays? I am using an MRF-350 base station.

Also, I have NEVER been able to get the Xbox to reliably power off using the discrete power off command. I have tried many different things from sending the command multiple times (4 times seems to just make it reboot), moving the command around in the macro, to moving the flasher around millimeter by millimeter and it still does NOT turn off about %50 of the time.
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My MX-980 with MRF-350 controls the Xbox 360 (Slim) just fine. However, I've always had a power off issue all the way back to my first Harmony. If you are actually using the discrete Off command then it should never reboot no matter how many times you hit it. My solution was to simply stack two Power Off commands next to each other, I think I have a 200ms delay between them.

I'd switch to a different set of IR codes if I were you. Try one of the generic ones listed at the bottom for the device.

My IR repeater isn't even attached to the IR faceplate. I have it about half an inch away just facing it. This was mainly due to moving the 360 and no replacing the adhesive.
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Thanks for the reply. I was on a mission to get it working better last night because I just got an InfiniTV 4 and had the cable hooked up today and I am now using my Xbox as my DVR. I was playing around with my macros and I settled on exactly what you suggested with the power commands. Two power off commands with no delay seems to work for mine.

Using Media Center with the TV functionality seems to work just fine and doesn't feel sluggish. I may experiment with some other codes too.
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