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OK, but after reading the info, I got the impression that if there is a problem with loading the firmware it would necessitate resetting the receiver and all settings would then be lost. I read the paragraph regarding "saving" but it lost me. Was it referring to saving the receiver's current settings in case something got screwed up loading the firmware? Honestly, I don't know why this stuff has to be so complicated and I don't understand that on the Marantz website why there is no mention of firmware updates. Would this upgrade process be easier with a network connection? I have a Linksys router (a basic model). Would this be good enough? Thanks.
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As a matter of record, you should always save the config file to a PC after running Audyssey so not only your personal settings are saved but also so that the Audyssey EQ settings are saved as well. Although updating the firmware generally does not cause the settings to change, in some cases it has been noted this occurs so if you have a backup saved, it can easily be used to restore your original settings. Also, updating via your home's router is the recommended configuration, ideally with a direct cable connection to the router rather than wirelessly via a bridge modem.
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Is this WEB/SAVE feature explained somewhere in the manual? I don't remember reading it, but I do agree it would be nice to have all those settings saved on my computer, as long as I can figure out how to do it. That's my main hurdle at the moment.
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Web Control - pp. 99-100
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I read thru that, actually on pages 100 and 101, but I really didn't see any explanation on how to set up a file in order to save settings. I'm an "old school" guy and I need step-by-step instructions or I get lost. I performed the "dual back-up memory function." Isn't that good enough?
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I am referring to the actual page numbers listed in the Owner's manual which are 99-100, the Web Control section which takes you step by step through the process.

Additional information is provided below on how to verify that you have a valid saved file ...

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Well, I finally "took the plunge" and got the firmware update. Everything was pretty straight forward, thanks to my Cisco E1200 Wireless-N-Router. Now, I'm wondering if this firmware upgrade included all firmware upgrades to-date, or just the most current one. Is there any way to tell? Thanks.
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Yes, D&M updates bring the unit up to date to include all previous updates.
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OK, but since I am unable (at the moment) at leave my receiver permanently connected to my router, how will I know when another update comes along?
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Updates don't generally get released that often and more often than not only fix minor issues. If the unit is not connected to the internet it would not be able to alert you to the availability of an update.
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I have a WD MyBookWorld NAS and am unable to play the files on that drive using the Marantz. I did manage it but had to use TvMobili. Have been informed by WD support that the NAS is not compatible with the Marantz. I find this a bit odd and was certain I read about someone using using this combination. Can anyone confirm this?
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Yup .. the guy who responded to you the last time you asked back in May.
Originally Posted by matseprak View Post

I am using the same NAS and it works for me. Make sure the audio files is placed in the music folder. Since the NAS has an own mediaserver it is important the files are placed correctly.
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Had a feeling I saw it somewhere. Thanks for pointing that out.
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Hey everyone

I'm thinking about getting a pair of PSB Image T6 and was offered a good deal on a SR7007 to go with. It's more than what I had planned, but given the price it got me curios. Done a bit of reading and wanted to know what your experiences are on:
  • Heat generation: Might want to place it inside a cabinet where there isn't too much air to breathe. Problematic?
  • Relatively high floor noise. Common experience or just with certain speakers?
  • Relatively high rate of failure after a few days/week. Have you seen this as well or is it just The Internet Where Only Unhappy People Post?

If I read correctly, a firmware update brought Spotify?
Other than that, the features look overwhelming, sound should be great and I'm loving the design smile.gif
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1. Unless there is at least 3-4" above the AVR when placed in the cabinet as well as either an open back or a large hole in the back for the air to escape, this would be problematic for any AVR and you would want to add at least one PC sized fan to exhaust the air as well as cut a hole in the back of the cabinet if not already open air.
2. Shouldn't be an issue.
3. More happy than sad reviews.
4. Correct. Spotify was added Sep 2012 via firmware update.

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My SR 7005 failed so i replaced with a 7007. just plugged it in to start the setup process and i am seeing "double". makes it hard to even read the menu screens. this did not happen with the 7005. Any suggestions?
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Double what? You may want to try resetting the microprocessor (p. 179 OM).
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Originally Posted by jdsmoothie View Post

Double what? You may want to try resetting the microprocessor (p. 179 OM).

best i can describe is like having double vision. the picture is there, but there is two of everything. if you had one line of writing across the screen, the words would show up twice, slightly offset.
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Originally Posted by jdsmoothie View Post

Double what? You may want to try resetting the microprocessor (p. 179 OM).

resetting did nothing. same problem.
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Originally Posted by burg32 View Post

resetting did nothing. same problem.

Well, i fixed it, i'm an idiot, lets not discuss what the problem was. lets just move on.

next question. on my 7005, when doing air play i could set it up so that the music would play and i could also have the video running (could watch a game while listening to music).

I am not able to figure out how to do that on the 7007. it seems airplay runs through the "network" mode, but i can't see where i can assign a video source to "network".
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Actually discussing the solution to your original problem would be very helpful to others reviewing this thread (regardless of how trivial, so please do add that information. Also, AFAIK, on the 2012 models the Video Select feature is not available with a Network source, rather you would want to connect the cable/sat box HDMI directly to the TV with optical from the box to the AVR as a work around.
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I ordered the av8801 and the mm8077 yesterday and will be returning tthe sr7007. I will update all on the sq differences"
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Hi Guys,
First of all I am very sorry to hear all the problems some of you are having with the AVR, especially the "hissing" issue.
Mine as of November has been exceptional without any issues at all (paired with B&W CM8 surround package).

On to my question, would you think it wll be possible that in the near future Marantz provides an upgrade from MultiEQ to XT32...of course with an additional payment? Would it be feasible first of all from the technical aspect, i.e. implementation via software upgrade, or it would need hardware interventions?
It seems that with all the quality the MultiEQ has, the XT32 is like an additional 30% enhancement. Or am I exaggerating?!?
On the other hand it is ridiculous to change from '07 to '08 model in less than an year, just for the sake of calibration..since I really do not need any of the additional extras the SR7008 has.

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My understanding is that Denon and Marantz do not plan to provide any upgrades for existing receivers from one version of Audyssey to another. The problem is that the additional computation needed requires a much more powerful and more expensive digital signal processor (DSP) chip. It isn't a simple firmware update. Current Marantz and Denon equipment are not designed to have their circuits replaced, which is what would be needed.

In other words, if you want Audyssey MultEQ XT32, you'll have to purchase a new model of receiver, perhaps trading in your old one for a discount. The Marantz SR7008, Denon X4000 and AVR4520 receivers all have XT32. Don't forget that you'll get the best prices by contacting an authorized D&M dealer directly. They aren't allowed to publish anything other than list prices.
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I had the SR7007AV plus URC remote system installed last week....Airplay works on all devices including from our IPhone 4s's. Using Cisco router in a basement data closet and Cisco booster up in the great room location.
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Originally Posted by THKTHK View Post

I had the SR7007AV plus URC remote system installed last week....Airplay works on all devices including from our IPhone 4s's. Using Cisco router in a basement data closet and Cisco booster up in the great room location.

Which URC remote are you using?
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Hey guys, I've had a SR7007 over the weekend and it was pretty sweet. I hooked up different devices and all went well, expect for Blueray playback on the Playstation 3. I was seeing the PS3 menu, but once I started any BD the TV went black and there was no sound (e.g. from the BD menu).
When I hooked up the PS3 directly to the TV, all was well.

Any idea what I did wrong?
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Ensure the PS3 has the "Deep Color Output" setting to OFF.
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I just bought a SR7007 and started to play a Blu Ray ISO with several audio tracks. I had no problem to playback 5.1 tracks but the Dolby TrueHD is decoded to Stereo. I use VLC and as far I know VLC support DTS-HD/Dolby TrueHD. Are there any special settings I need to do in Marantz or VLC to get Dolby TrueHD?

Edit: Could the reason for Dolby TrueHD is decoded to Stereo is that I'm using VLC on Mac and if I have understand right Mac doesn't support DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD due a license issue (no BluRay player for Mac...)
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I am using the MRX-10 Base Station and the MX980 remote
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