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HTD DMA-1275 12 Channel ICEpower

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Just wondering if anybody has any experience with the HTD DMA-1275? It looks like an interesting amp with ICEpower. I was thinking about using one to power some zone speakers on the patio / garage. I could then bridge a pair of channels to power a zone & stereo setup that I have in the living room (Paradigm MilleniaOne).
Has anybody used this amp? Any thoughts?

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I looked at that amp when I started thinking about taking my mains active. It seems like a pretty good value on the surface.

But it has two big red flags:

(1) No FCC certification. That's not optional, but a statutory requirement in the US for digital devices. I guess these internet companies fly under the law's radar because they're so small. NuForce, however, did get in trouble for it a while back for noncompliance with one of their amps. Behringer also had to pay a fine to settle issues with FCC noncompliance.

(2) No NRTL electrical safety certification. That is technically optional, but I wouldn't allow an amplifier into my home that didn't carry electrical safety certification from an OSHA-approved NRTL.

Ask HTD, and they'll spin a tale of how their products are "tested to" various standards. But if they're tested and they actually pass, why would they not put proof on the product?
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I will have to give that some thought. I like the idea of digital amp for the zone speakers though.
I wish there were some reviews of the amp somewhere. How high would you rate the risk of not having those certifications?
Have you found anything else that is comparable?

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I don't know what the risk is. Considering that it's probably an off-the-shelf solution designed by B&O in Europe, perhaps low. The NRTL thing depends, among other things, on your insurance carrier. Still, I would never buy any amp that didn't have NRTL safety certification.

But in discussing it we're implying that non-compliance with the law is OK. As a digital product without FCC certification, this product is not in compliance with federal law. On that grounds, it should be rejected by civilized people.

As for 12-channel alternatives, I don't know the market well (and ended up buying a 7-channel Sherwood A-965, because I only needed six channels) but a company called Episode Audio has a 12-ch class D amp that's properly certified by both the FCC and an NRTL. Don't know how much it is, though.
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Thanks. I will have to give this some thought and check out the Episode amp as well. I remember looking at them a few months ago, and they did not have "audio sensing", so I took it off my lists. It looks like they have added it as a new feature though.
I wonder how the two amps compare.
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