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Can someone recommend a HIGH SPEED HDMI AND TOSLINK switcher that has a remote? I need something to put in an AV Cabinet. I'm looking for something with at least 4 or 5 ports and not too expensive.. I saw ONE but it was VERTICAL and wouldnt work in the cabinet. Most of the other ones I see are HDMI only. I currently own one but it is older and doesnt seem to support HIGH SPEED HDMI so it is sometimes locking up my my devices..


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anyone ????
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Not sure if this would meet your needs or not. Are you looking for a switcher that accepts toslink inputs or do you only need the single toslink output?
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I need one that has 4 or 5 HDMI and 4 or 5 TOSLINK INPUTS and then 1 HDMI and TOSLINK OUTPUT. This is for use with older equipment that needs HDMI and TOSLINK. I have one now but it doesnt support HIGH SPEED or 3D. I did find one for under $100 but it doesnt support 3D or high speed. I did find one for around $275 but I dont know anything about it and its a little more then I want to spend.... http://www.octavainc.com/HDMI%20switch%204port_toslink.htm

Any ideas?? MONOPRICE said they do not carry anything like this...
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Did some more searching, didn't find a whole lot out there, and nothing under $200. Have you thought about saving up a bit more money and simply purchasing a new receiver?
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