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Do you feel the movie came to a grinding hault when the dwarves appeared? Up until that point it was a pretty entertaining hack 'n' slash take on the fairy tale. When the dwarves appeared it wanted to go back to being an actual fairy tale smile.gif. Then in the last 20 minutes, lets be an exciting hack 'n' slash again smile.gif. That time wasted socializing with the dwarves coulda been used to show more of Theran tormenting the peasants.
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Film started off well, but slowly fell apart. And the leading lady was embarrassingly bad. I truly do feel they cut the film around her. She is dialogue free for entire scenes.
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didn't care at all for this film

what a waste of charlize theron and we all know kristen stewart can't act but just does
screen shots with that same sh** eating look on her face all the time.
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I picked this up pretty cheap on BF. The story is sort of a hodge-podge of ideas from other popular fantasy films, including Legend, LOTR, Neverending Story, T2, Dragonslayer, Krull, etc. 


I enjoyed some of the FX and visuals though...


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

...esp. the swamp troll which reminded me of the Man-Thing...


...and think Kristen and Charlize did a pretty decent job with the material they were given... and for some reason the muted color scheme looks really good and very dimensional on my 34" 1080i CRT (perhaps due to its deep blacks)... so I'm hangin onto it for now.


Detail didn't seem quite as impressive on a 1080p LCD though, and this'll probably play better to somewhat younger (and more female?) viewers. So I'd rent first, rather than blind-buy. 

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Saw it in the theater, and I'd say its half and half. There's enough guy stuff here-aka senseless violence-to keep HIM into it, and vanity and emotional stuff for HER smile.gif. Theron, the evil queen is guy stuff biggrin.gif. Stewart's innocent princess is girl stuff smile.gif.

Stewart returns to the castle at the end, covered in armor and armed with a sword, and joining Hemsworth and the army for some guy stuff smile.gif! So its pretty even, LOL!

Took a little too long getting to know the Dwarves, but that's what the chapter-skip button is for smile.gif.
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I agree there's some for both genders in this. One reason I think it may play as well or better to some ladies out there is that the two strongest characters in the film are women. And the men tend to come across a bit more as ineffectual wimps or morally-challenged heathens requiring spiritual guidance (from a woman) for a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives.


There may be some truth to that... smile.gif but it may not be the sort of message that resonates quite as well with some male viewers. There's probably enough eye-candy to keep em distracted from that aspect of the picture though. Just depends on yer particular tastes I guess.


I should perhaps also mention that in my rather archaic HD video setup (which still employs stereo RCA inputs/outputs rather than HDMI audio) I had to switch the Audio Downmix settings on my Sony BD player from SURROUND back to just STEREO output to get decent staging from the DTS track on this title. I've only had to resort to that with a few BD titles so far (all containing DTS tracks). In this case, I did it primarily to fix some funky surround sound staging in the mirror scenes. This is probably due to a flaw in the virtual surround implementation on my Sony S390 player, rather than the actual DTS audio track btw. So the surround sound will probably sound just fine on most other (HDMI) video setups.


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Took a little too long getting to know the Dwarves, but that's what the chapter-skip button is for smile.gif.


The dwarf scenes were among the weaker ones in the film for me....


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


...though I did rather enjoy seein McShane, Marsan and the others shrunk down in size. smile.gif Some clever camera work there.


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Visually striking, but not always original (e.g. Scott's "Legend" was a big "inspiration" and "Stardust").
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^ Agree.


If you liked this film, I'd also suggest checking out the 2008-10 TV series "Legend of the Seeker", which has alot of similarities, and some very nice HD cinematography, esp. in Season 1. This does not appear to be available on Blu-ray (yet?), but can be streamed in HD (SD version is free).


Originally Posted by ADU View Post

Kull, etc. 


I meant Krull, of course, as opposed to Kull the Conqueror. Already fixed above.

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